Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I wore purple today...

I have been a blogger friend to many people over the course of my 4+ years of blogging. Many of those have stayed in my life for the whole duration. Some have fallen out of touch, but I often still fondly remember them. I believe everybody has a purpose for being in somebody's life. They say it's either for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Even though I may not keep in touch with some of my blogger friends on a more personal level (ie. phone calls, chats, texts), I do so still enjoy their blogs and feel a certain sense of emptiness if they ever stop blogging for a while. I feel really blessed to have met the people I have in this virtual world, and when I get to meet them in real life, I feel even more blessed.

A long term blogger friend of mine, Jim, wrote a stunning post on his blog a little bit ago... and with October 20th being Day of Purple in memory of 6 gay kids who committed suicide because life got too hard, I want to share Jim's post called It Gets Better with you (with his permission of course). When I read it, tears flowed, and joy filled my heart all in the span of the time it took to read it. If you've ever felt like the outward forces of societal pressures were causing just too much pain to bare anymore, seek out and surround yourself with people like Jim, and countless others, who have experienced extreme hardship in being accepted for who they were, overcame it and are now living truly amazing lives.

Love Jules :O*


SIMON said...

A really touching post by somebody who truly appreciates the joys that can come from this somewhat strange media.
Well done and thank you for bringing all that to my attention.

The Grunt said...

Jules, I can't leave my usual smart-ass comments here. So, I will just say that you are a very caring and considerate person for doing this.

Jim said...

I wore purple on Wednesday as well!

I am humbled that you enjoyed my post. Being honest about life is important, and I glad to be here today and share that with you.

Diary of a Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Hello from someone who has "fallen out of touch", and I hope you still "fondly remember" me :)


Dylan from the now-defunct outinthemiddleofidaho