Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I met D in the mountains this weekend. This time, it was in Canada though. We went to Radium and Fairmont and passed through the places in between. It is stunning country there.. makes me wish I could move down there. It's only about 4 hours from where I live, so I can see myself going there lots. Radium is totally a beautiful and quaint little mountain town and it felt like a home away from home. Still... I might like Banff better, but I'm not sure. There are places in Radium that completely blew my socks off because they were so beautiful. Here's a small sampling of photos from the weekend.

This was the old Fairmont Hotsprings building built in the 1930's, I asked a guy who looked like he probably knew what he was talking about. The genuine original hotsprings were just little dugouts in the side of the mountain that naturally filled with the hot water as it trickled out of the mountain. This little "bath house" is still in working order. There are 3 little rooms with a little "tub" in the ground, a window and an open skylight... no doors for privacy! We chose to go to the updated and much more commercial new facilities, though. LOL

This is just the view from inside one of those little rooms, looking out over the valley. I was in love with that red tree!

When we were done soaking, this large Bighorn was waiting for us by our cars!

As you're entering Radium from the north, you pass by this insanely beautiful mountain. It's called the Redwall Faults and they are sooo red and glorious, it's iron deposits through the years that make it look so red. Breathtaking, really. The sun was hitting this just right and almost made them glow (the photo doesn't really do it justice)!

Then basically if you turn and face the other way, you see this... of course, it looks different when the sun's high in the sky, but I love taking photos like these ones (though I have to credit D for spotting this awe inspiring photo op!)

Just sooooo pretty!!

We saw a black bear saunter across the road as we had gone out walking.. thankfully it went into the valley and not after us, and I saw at least a dozen deer to and from along the way. So much wonderful wildlife there! So that concludes what will probably be my last trip to the mountains this year.... unless the snow flies later rather than sooner!!
Jules :Oaaahhhhh!


don said...

I love the window picture! And that's a great Bighorn picture!

SIMON said...

Yeah the window pic is fantastic, nice one!!
Glad you had such a good time and who knows because it was still snowing in June it may not snow until November/December!!
Well you never know!!!

Jules said...

Don - I'm quite happy with both of them too! Photographing things in the mountains is such an amazing hobby to have... it's such a breathtaking and inspiring environment.

Si - You might be right, I thought it was going to snow by now, but we seem to have a warming trend currently. Here's hoping!

Quiet Paths said...

Beee Utiful! We need to get up there. We aways attend a family reunion each summer at Crow's Nest and I love it every time we go to Canada! My second home...

Quiet Paths said...

I especially liked your cliff shadow shots - really very striking.

Jules said...

Thanks Qupee! Yes, you do need to go up there, it's jusst so pretty. Pretty doesn't describe it. Plus the hot springs are awesome.