Monday, November 29, 2010

Prayers Please

I need your prayers for my Dad. He's in the hospital after a really bad accident while hanging Christmas lights last week. I went to see him yesterday directly upon my return from Montreal. He's being immobilized because he's got 6 cracked ribs, broken feet and ankles, and bleeding on the brain. Thankfully his spine is ok, and they don't see any permanent damage to his brain, but he's suffering from a very bad concussion. He will be in the intensive care unit for some time. They can't operate on his feet yet, because they're too swollen... so they have to wait for that to go down before they can even properly assess the damage. He's just laying there, doped up, restrained, and completely unaware that he's even injured and in the hospital. I'm sure he'll make a full recovery in time, but it will be a long hard road ahead for him. So please... if you don't pray to a God, keep him in your thoughts. If you do pray... say some for him, k?

I love you Daddy, and I just know you'll pull through. I hope you're home in time for Christmas, because that would make the best Christmas gift a daughter could ever possibly dream of. XOXOXO

Jules :'O(

Rest Now..... I love you.

I just got back from a trip to Quebec and while I was away, I received the one email I never wanted to open. It was from my ex-fiancee to tell me that his mom, whom I loved so so so much had passed away.

Pauline was the epitome of joy. She was always smiling, always laughing, always interested in the people around her and what her friends and family had to say. She was vibrant and able bodied, often out walking around the Wirral, even into her mid 80's. Somehow, at her age, she managed to exude a type of youthful energy that was magnetic and made you want to be around her. Never did I meet a more accepting mother, one who overlooked even the most vital aspects of her own life in order to ensure her family's happiness. She was selfless, and she was a beautiful person, a model for how people should act, and by those qualities she was one of life's great teachers. One of my teachers. But she meant more than that to me. She touched my heart and soul in ways that were profound. I cared very deeply for her.

When I received the news, I had just woken up. Laying in bed, I curled into a ball and wept. The last few months of Pauline's life were such a struggle and my tears were a genuine mixture of sorrow for her loss, but happiness for the end of her suffering. I know that she is in God's embrace now and that her spirit will wander and watch over those who need her the most.

God Bless you, Pauline.
With neverending love,

Jules xoxoxo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Devine Complexity

I was thinking. I know this is a slightly dangerous past time for me, so usually I try to stay away from doing it too hard. But I was doing it today.

I thought about what would make the world a simpler place.

One currency.
One religion.
One temperature system.
One measurement system.
One language.

But then I thought about those things some more and I said to myself:
"Self... to hell with making the world simplistic... be thankful for diversity."

Love you!
Jules :O)

Monday, November 15, 2010

compliments get you everywhere!

You know... you just have GOT to love it when you're 34 years old and have an almost 5 year old son and you are told you still look like a teenager.

Nice. Ego. Boost.

I don't agree with that, considering the amount of grey hairs and wrinkles I see when I look at myself, but hey, maybe I'm doing something right. LOL Maybe it's the fact that I still like to act like a kid from time to time...

Jules :OD

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's November 11th, Did You Remember?

Happy Remembrance Day Everyone

It only takes a moment to remember and to be thankful for all the souls who have given their lives so that we can keep ours. So don't forget to take pause, remember and celebrate all of them because whether you think their sacrifices directly affected your life or not, you can be guaranteed that somewhere down the line they sure did..... and continue to do so.

Love Jules :O)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

texting teens

Heard something on the radio this morning, on the news portion.

It said that hyper texting teens are more at risk for certain things. It provided statistics that stated that teenagers who text 120 times or more per day were more likely to have sex, do drugs, fight and get drunk. Here's the article.

First, I have to wonder why the study was only done on teens in Cleveland. It seems like an unreasonable and inacurate way to conduct a study. If you are going to study teens and texting, wouldn't you want to use a wider study group? Maybe pick 2 schools from major cities in several widespread countries? Cuz I'd be willing to bet that it would show a huge difference in findings if they tested teens from all over the world, as opposed to just some in Cleveland.

Second... what impact does texting have on a slightly older population? I say slightly older, but really I mean people my age or older (hey, I can't help it if I FEEL like a teen still). Are we more promiscuous? Do we partake in riskier activities just because we text? Or are our brains developed enough to know better?

I felt like I had all these points to talk about with this article, but these are the main two. Got any to add in?

Jules :Oj

Just go with the leaves

Sorry for the shitty image, I guess I haven't gotten the hang of my blackberry camera yet... it looked clear on the screen when I took it.

Naturally, I had to check this out more closely. Incase you can't see the label well enough it says:
Skin Fix
Buttocks Paste
Soothes Heals Protects
With Extracts of Nature

Seriously??? Buttocks Paste??

I decided that I needed to read the directions and the little blurb that tells what the products is for. It turns out it's for diaper rash. But then I wondered why it wasn't in with the baby products.

With extracts of nature... so you know when you go take a dump in the forest and there's nothing but leaves around? Using leaves... would that be the same sort of treatment as using this Buttocks Paste? Buttocks Paste? Buttocks Paste. Sorry. The name just really makes me LOL!

I think I'd rather use leaves... Buttocks Paste will set you back nearly $12. Leaves are free.

Jules :Ohahaha!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Burping Ettiquite 101

So here's the thing, right? You're eating, the food's good.. it's got some of your favorite ingredients and it's making you go "Mmmm" throughout the meal. How gorgeous... I'm so glad you are enjoying what you're eating. It makes eating totally worthwhile when you enjoy the food you're indulging yourself in. I get that. It's all good.

What is NOT good is when you have sat back after your meal's over and your stomach decides to give you gas, of either the upward or downward nature. But what I want to talk about tonight is burping.

Sure, you may have really just enjoyed that delicious meal, but I can GUARANTEE you that I don't want to experience it via your body's untimely gas bubbles. If you have to burp after eating something with a distinct leftover lingering taste or smell, PLEASE be courteous and blow your burp away from me. I don't really care if you blow it to the side or up or down... just please don't blow your burp in my face, or let it sit there wafting just outside your own mouth where, if I'm sitting next to you, I'm gonna inhale it thereby being forced against my will to taste what you've eaten. Smell is a strong sense, and you can actually taste stuff just by smelling it.

I always blow my burps up in the air and away from the people I'm sitting with. By the time it reaches the people sitting at the table over, I would hope that it's diffused enough that it won't knock some random patron off their seat. Can't say a waiter walking through the burp's destructive path would be immune though.. man! That would be crappy timing. Poor sod.
So there it is. Laid out for you in plain sight. Blow your burps away from the person(s) you are with. Make your supper not an imposition to those who hadn't tasted it while it was still on the plate.

Bon appetite!

Jules :Obrrraaaap!

Friday, November 05, 2010


It's going to be daylight savings time on Sunday night here in Canada. I'm not sure I really care all that much, except that it always seems to mess up everyone's internal clocks for about the first week afterwards. We all get tired and grumpy and out of sorts.

I'm already out of sorts, LOL, so God help me once we change the clocks! ;P

My sis and I have started to workout together on Friday afternoons. We killed ourselves today with Jillian's DVD (the seriously harsh trainer from the Biggest Loser). We did two of her workouts in a row and I'm pretty sure at some point I must have died and then come back to life. I felt damn good though, having made it through both of them without toooooo much stopping for air. Good Lord, that woman pushes you. I'm back to a regular routine of doing a workout 3 - 4 times a week since my sick months of September and into October. It took me a few weeks to build my lungs and endurance back up, but now I'm there again. I'm trying to shake things up a bit so my body goes "WTF?!?" and is forced to change itself. Gosh almighty, I'm tired of flab.

I'm tired of a few other things in my life too, and I'm going stir crazy already, even though there isn't snow on the ground keeping me stuck in RD yet. Soooo... I went and booked a trip! Weeheheheee!!
I'm going to Montreal, Quebec near the end of November, and since this will be a trip where I'm meeting up with some very good friends as well as seeing a part of my own country that I haven't ever seen before, let me tell you... I'm SO excited!! I think this trip will really hit the spot, so to speak. A little bit of a getaway in a new and exciting place. Apparently, Montreal is one of those cities that literally never sleeps. Well, I'm a sleeper, so I will be sleeping each night, but I sure will enjoy my day time hours exploring!

A quick update on my son and his school. Since basically the day after that last post I wrote, he had really been doing sooooo well there! This week he had the best week ever there and his teacher even called our house one afternoon to thank him personally and encourage his continuing positive days/behaviors. I was stunned... in a good way! My teachers never called my house to say what a great job I was doing! I really like his teacher, actually. She's approachable and friendly and she tries really hard to make the days positive. :)

Ok, that's me done for tonight. I hope you're all well!
Jules :O)