Saturday, November 06, 2010

Burping Ettiquite 101

So here's the thing, right? You're eating, the food's good.. it's got some of your favorite ingredients and it's making you go "Mmmm" throughout the meal. How gorgeous... I'm so glad you are enjoying what you're eating. It makes eating totally worthwhile when you enjoy the food you're indulging yourself in. I get that. It's all good.

What is NOT good is when you have sat back after your meal's over and your stomach decides to give you gas, of either the upward or downward nature. But what I want to talk about tonight is burping.

Sure, you may have really just enjoyed that delicious meal, but I can GUARANTEE you that I don't want to experience it via your body's untimely gas bubbles. If you have to burp after eating something with a distinct leftover lingering taste or smell, PLEASE be courteous and blow your burp away from me. I don't really care if you blow it to the side or up or down... just please don't blow your burp in my face, or let it sit there wafting just outside your own mouth where, if I'm sitting next to you, I'm gonna inhale it thereby being forced against my will to taste what you've eaten. Smell is a strong sense, and you can actually taste stuff just by smelling it.

I always blow my burps up in the air and away from the people I'm sitting with. By the time it reaches the people sitting at the table over, I would hope that it's diffused enough that it won't knock some random patron off their seat. Can't say a waiter walking through the burp's destructive path would be immune though.. man! That would be crappy timing. Poor sod.
So there it is. Laid out for you in plain sight. Blow your burps away from the person(s) you are with. Make your supper not an imposition to those who hadn't tasted it while it was still on the plate.

Bon appetite!

Jules :Obrrraaaap!


Tys on Ice said...

in some cultures burb is a compliment...i dont know abt fart though....but iam glad that its not a requirement after a meal..

SIMON said...

Oh interesting post!! Granted the effects of secondary or passive burping is pretty disgusting but oh how satisfying that burp is!! So satisfying that you tend to forget it's an irritant to those around you.

Jules said...

Tys - I have no problem with burping, or belching for that matter, as long as an excuse me follows it and you don't blow it in my face! LOL

Si - I never forget how irritating smelling someone's burp is, so therefore I never forget to blow it away from people. But ya, it's like having a pee... sooo satisfying. Maybe that'll be my next blog post.

Shell said...

I get it! I'll remember to blow them far far away from you in the future! LOL!

Jules said...

Didi, I wasn't just referring to the incident at the concert, LMAO!! Everybody needs to be taught this bit of ettiquite! ;P

Mrs. Dude said... Scotland, it is a compliment to burp after a meal!!

"It is better to burp and taste it, than fart and waste it"