Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Just go with the leaves

Sorry for the shitty image, I guess I haven't gotten the hang of my blackberry camera yet... it looked clear on the screen when I took it.

Naturally, I had to check this out more closely. Incase you can't see the label well enough it says:
Skin Fix
Buttocks Paste
Soothes Heals Protects
With Extracts of Nature

Seriously??? Buttocks Paste??

I decided that I needed to read the directions and the little blurb that tells what the products is for. It turns out it's for diaper rash. But then I wondered why it wasn't in with the baby products.

With extracts of nature... so you know when you go take a dump in the forest and there's nothing but leaves around? Using leaves... would that be the same sort of treatment as using this Buttocks Paste? Buttocks Paste? Buttocks Paste. Sorry. The name just really makes me LOL!

I think I'd rather use leaves... Buttocks Paste will set you back nearly $12. Leaves are free.

Jules :Ohahaha!


The Grunt said...

Maybe buttock paste could help prevent diarrhea.

Christopher said...

Diaper rash, huh? Mmmmm Hmmm...

Thanks for the laugh Jules!!

Jules said...

Si - maybe if you plan on shoving it up inside... but I'm pretty sure that wasn't listed on the instructions. LOL

Tophie - LMAO!! You're too funny!

Mrs. Dude said...

My fave diaper cream is actually called "BUTT PASTE" ...of course, when I saw the name I had to buy it.. and it is WONDERFUL and I wish I had been using it with my first child as well..

...random information.

Anyway.. THAT is very weird!!! Maybe for older people who ARE in adult diapers and whatnot? I dunno...

ALSO, thank you for the nice comment on my christmas scrapbook page!

SIMON said...

Praise the lord you think I've already commented!!

It's a very popular product, especially in America but oh how I wish I could get hold of stuff over here that works!!! Not for me you understand!!!

Jules said...

Mrs. D - Butt Paste? Like who comes up with the names... can't they be more imaginative?

Si - oops... that was meant for Grunty. LOL Sorry to both of you!!! Ya, I'm sure it would help P quite a bit. Order it online... I'm sure you can find it.

Diary of a Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Oh my... Why not jut call it Ass Cream?