Friday, November 05, 2010


It's going to be daylight savings time on Sunday night here in Canada. I'm not sure I really care all that much, except that it always seems to mess up everyone's internal clocks for about the first week afterwards. We all get tired and grumpy and out of sorts.

I'm already out of sorts, LOL, so God help me once we change the clocks! ;P

My sis and I have started to workout together on Friday afternoons. We killed ourselves today with Jillian's DVD (the seriously harsh trainer from the Biggest Loser). We did two of her workouts in a row and I'm pretty sure at some point I must have died and then come back to life. I felt damn good though, having made it through both of them without toooooo much stopping for air. Good Lord, that woman pushes you. I'm back to a regular routine of doing a workout 3 - 4 times a week since my sick months of September and into October. It took me a few weeks to build my lungs and endurance back up, but now I'm there again. I'm trying to shake things up a bit so my body goes "WTF?!?" and is forced to change itself. Gosh almighty, I'm tired of flab.

I'm tired of a few other things in my life too, and I'm going stir crazy already, even though there isn't snow on the ground keeping me stuck in RD yet. Soooo... I went and booked a trip! Weeheheheee!!
I'm going to Montreal, Quebec near the end of November, and since this will be a trip where I'm meeting up with some very good friends as well as seeing a part of my own country that I haven't ever seen before, let me tell you... I'm SO excited!! I think this trip will really hit the spot, so to speak. A little bit of a getaway in a new and exciting place. Apparently, Montreal is one of those cities that literally never sleeps. Well, I'm a sleeper, so I will be sleeping each night, but I sure will enjoy my day time hours exploring!

A quick update on my son and his school. Since basically the day after that last post I wrote, he had really been doing sooooo well there! This week he had the best week ever there and his teacher even called our house one afternoon to thank him personally and encourage his continuing positive days/behaviors. I was stunned... in a good way! My teachers never called my house to say what a great job I was doing! I really like his teacher, actually. She's approachable and friendly and she tries really hard to make the days positive. :)

Ok, that's me done for tonight. I hope you're all well!
Jules :O)


Vixey said...

Oh WOW, Way to go little man. That's fantastic. Good on the teacher too. None of my teacher's ever called my house either but then again one can look at that in two different ways. LOL
Flab!?! What flab? You look fantastic and I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who thinks so. :o)Great Job!!

The Grunt said...

Good to hear that your son is doing well in school and that you are doing good with life too.

You left a comment on my blog about the sound being screwed up. Don't worry, I've done more performances and dialed the sound in better. They'll be posted soon.

SIMON said...

Wow teachers calling on houses now there's a novelty!!
I think its really good how you have returned to a regime with your workouts and a trip booked for later in the
To be honest they all seem to be such positive things and proof you are where you want to be.
Nice one Jules.

Jules said...

Vix - Yeah, I'm so proud of him! :) Remind me to take you to the eye doctor soon, ok? ;P

Grunty - Thanks! Well, I'm doing well most of the time, with some hard bits mixed in. But like I just said tonight in a conversation, life's full of puzzles, and we just have to figure out how to solve them! Things don't usually set me back for too long.

Si - Ya really, total novelty, hey? I think Ms. B is trying for teacher of the year or something. LOL I am starting to get where I want to be. I'm not there yet.

Vixey said...

Huh? What? Eye Dr? Whatever for? Oh, LMAO ok. Now I gotcha. There is NOTHING wrong with my eyes. :o)

Tys on Ice said...

i have spend quite a lot of time lech....err...looking at ur me.

so, the school issue is sorted out, eh? Great..give a high five to the lil fellow from my side..

Jules said...

Vix - OK, now I KNOW you need glasses! ;P

Tys - LOL! You just haven't studied.. errr.. seen me naked, that's why you think there's no flab! Haha! I passed on your high five, I said it was from mere dost all the way from India. He smiled.

Diary of a Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Yay! :)