Tuesday, December 28, 2010

home improvement time

So my foster guy paces all the time at home, and somehow he managed to scuff up my hallway wall really badly in the process. It's been more and more noticable lately, and I got to the point where I needed to get out the home improvement stuff and fix it up.

I spackled, sanded and primed the first day and then last night I painted. I always make a giant mess of myself when I paint. I'm never able to paint without having my clothes and hands covered in the stuff. So I put on my old painting pajamas and went at it. Then my son came home from his evening with his dad, and there I was, covered in painted clothing. It was his bedtime routine, and I always cuddle with him on the couch before bed. Well, I couldn't do that with my paint clothes on, so I stripped down to my bra and panties and threw on a housecoat to cuddle with him in. After he was in bed, I thought I had just about finished painting so I just took off my housecoat and began the clean up process. Well then I saw how much the landing needed a fresh coat of paint, and then I noticed how the stairwell needed a touch up too, and then I decided to repaint the hallway alcove and rest of the hallway walls... but I never bothered to put my painting clothes back on.

I guess the neighbours, if there were watching through my kitchen door window would have had a bit of a thrill. LMAO! It was sort of liberating, painting in my underwear, and the only part of me that got paint on it was my hands!

Anyway, to my house: Happy New Year, I hope you enjoy starting the year off with a fresh coat on.

Jules :Oj

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Thank goodness for the net. That's all I have to say.

Every night at my son's bedtime, I sing to him. Usually it's just a nursery rhyme song or something short and sweet, but over the holiday season, it's been Christmas carols... it's the only time I have a captive audience to perform for, LOL. Anyway, I love singing, and I love carols, so it's all good. Until my son asked me tonight for Little Drummer Boy and I totally drew a blank after the first 4 lines of the song. I just couldn't think of what came next!

So I'm looking at my son, all tucked into bed, idolizing me as I sing, looking to me with a huge smile and big warm eyes, expecting me to finish the song. I cleared my throat and tried it again from the start, thinking it would just magically come to me, but at the same exact spot, I stalled again. The third try was unsuccessful as well. So I made a joke, he laughed, I said hold on... I know what to do, and ran out to retrieve my laptop.

Thank you google, and thank you to the lyric site I found within 10 seconds. Phewph. The bedtime singing ritual was saved!

I actually really like singing that song too. I wonder if he'll ask for it again tomorrow night.

Jules :Olalalalaaaa!

Happy Boxing Day

Is it called Boxing Day today because you are supposed to start boxing up all your Christmas stuff, put everything away already? Or is it because you are left with this giant huge amount of boxes that all your gifts came in so you spend 3/4 of your morning flattening them to throw them in the recycle bin? Or is it a day where you're supposed to partake in a festive Boxing Match with your loved ones and beat each other senseless as you recover from your turkey coma?

Why is it called Boxing Day?

Jules :O?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas To You!

I wish you a Merry Christmas
I wish you a Merry Christmas
I wish you a Merry Christmas
... and a flat of great beer.
... with a ton of reindeer.
... and some fun with sharp shears.
... but not a single wet tear.
... and no wrinkles this year.
... and a pinch of ... oh crap. I ran out of rhyming words.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

To all those who are helpful and kind, who bring a smile to someone's life, who give to or help with charity events this (or any) time of year, let me say I am grateful to know you and I count my blessings daily for the awesomeness that is you! Let us all rejoice in the beauty, love, peace and harmony of this special day, today and always!

Love Jules xoxo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the news just makes me mad

Well this made me outraged and disgusted to be an Albertan tonight as I heard it on the news.

Of course with all the talk of the DADT stuff going on in the States right now, same sex issues have been all over the media everywhere, not that I'm a media hound, but tonight I paid special attention because there was one being highlighted on the local news. By local, I mean provincial news.

Apparently it had come to the attention of the powers that be that here in Alberta by some random reporter that "homosexuality" was listed as a mental disorder on the official Physician's Diagnostic Guide. Yes, that's right. Doctors, province wide, have been able to collect payment for treating patients who come to them and get a diagnosis of said "mental disorder". It was listed as No. 305 on the list of treatable illnesses.

This was last reviewed in 2005 and for some reason it was actually LEFT ON THE LIST in Alberta, while British columbia made the move to delete it. The dude on the news said that the province was sorry for this and that he believed it was terribly old fashioned thinking and discriminatory and should have been taken off the list many years ago. REALLY?? YA THINK??? Stupid fucking people.

Furthermore, they couldn't offer an explaination as to why it wasn't taken off the disgnostic guide until presently, especially considering the American Psychiatric Association stopped considering it an illness back before I was effing born in 1973 and the Canadian one in 1982. The medical administrator guy said it was a political issue, certainly not a medical one. Dumb assed government.

God almighty. How embarrasing to be an Albertan. Thankfully this problem is finally being dealt with. Here's an article on it if you want to read further.

My sincerest apologies for all my beautiful cherished gay friends, male and female. I know for certain you're not any more "mental" than I am!!! ;)

Jules @:O)

tidbit time

Well, I guess there's a couple of things to talk about.

1) I had a health scare, but no worries, I'm resolving it and I'm feeling better. If i'd have thought it was serious, I'd probably have written about it sooner. Me and a health scare... what else is new?

2) My Dad's been transferred to the hospital in his home town.. so that means that the worst of his recovery is over. All praise to the Higher Being!!! He's still got about 8 - 10 weeks in a wheelchair. They had to totally rebuild both of his heels/ankles. Maybe I'll affectionately call him "Metal Man" from now on... though I'll wait until he's feeling better and has a good sense of humor about the whole event.

3) I'm experiencing this really sort of strange fast forward/pause state of being lately. It seems like Christmas has come WAAAY too fast this year and I was nowhere ready for it. Today I'm finally ready. Usually I'm ready for it a month in advance at least. So that's the fast forward part. The pause part... it seems like I'm living in fast foraard, but then every once in a while, time slows down to almost a stop and it takes forever to get through bits and pieces of my days. I wish I had some way to regulate time, or the feeling of the passage of time better.

4) My insomnia is still around. I've been wide awake when it's been time to sleep, then I spend my days feeling draggy and edgy. I really need to just be able to sleep in.

5) There's a warming trend coming for Christmas. It's supposed to be above freezing, so we're going sledding on Christmas Day. Should be awesome fun. I hope I don't break anything. LOL I also hope it gets cold enough not to create a problem on the roads the next time it snows.

Well, with all that said, that's about all I've got for right now. I hope you've all gotten your Christmas cards, those of you who emailed me your addresses and if I do't happen to make it in here on Christmas Day... I hope you all have a very very merry one!!

Love Jules :O)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

the insomnia cycle is back

It's 4:11am.

I guess I've just got too much stuff on my mind lately. I haven't slept well in about 2 weeks. I look at myself and see bags under my eyes. I walk around in a fog most of the time. Sometimes I come off as being funny, but really I'm just out of it.

I was laying in bed tonight and my brain wouldn't shut off. So at 3am, I came out here. Caught up with some stuff I had been neglecting, and decided to come write a post.

Insomnia sucks crusty cat pucker. It really does. I was talking to Thor today about the affects of a sleeping pill called Ambien. It's really nasty stuff, apparently. It will cause you to hallucinate, have memory loss, and all sorts of other stuff. Might as well be on narcotics. Right now though... I have to say, a sleeping pill would be welcome. Maybe not Ambien though. People say that Melatonin will make the brain relax enough to sleep. Perhaps I'll have to give that a try.. although my soul brother tried it and it made things worse for him. I just don't know. I'm gonna go from here in a few minutes and draw a hot bath. That should do the trick, maybe.

I hope my family doesn't phone or text me before noon. It's my weekend off and by now they should know I like to sleep in.

Jules 8O/

Thursday, December 16, 2010

learning to love winter

Sooooo... maybe since I discovered how to use the super macro on my camera, I could learn to love winter... the snowflakes were so beautiful today!!

It almost made me want to NOT have the heater on inside my car.. I felt crappy for contributing to the destruction of these tiny miraculous creations that are so glorious! I could have stood there and snapped photos for like, an hour (if my fingers and uncovered extremeties would have stayed warm in the -21C weather).
Jules :O)

I aint no brainiac!

Well... it figures.

I haven't really been feeling mentally OR physically sharp recently. I guess this proves it. Although, I think I should retake this test when I've gotten more than 2 hours of sleep at night. That would likely make a dramatic difference.

I'm 34 and my brain age is 53. Hmmmmm... I'm gonna have to work on that.

If you are interested in finding out your brain age, click here. It only takes a few minutes and it's sort of fun. On one of the tests I got brain age 93. YIKES! Come back here and let me know what you scored!

Jules %O\
UPDATE: Oh Thank God. I went back and did it again a while later and my new brain age is 36. Phewph. That's more like it. LOL

Monday, December 06, 2010

Too cute for words... a borderline obsession.

If you know me at all, you KNOW that I have a love affair with folky looking snowmen. OMG, they just make me feel cheery and bright. On December 1st every year, we break out the collection and put the tree up, and then every Christmas I buy myself an addition or two, usually for the tree.

So... introducing..... **drum roll**
My 3 new snowmen!

I'm going to call these two "The Snow Twins" cuz they were sitting together waiting to be adopted. Ohhhhh, lookit how adorable they are! And so happy to have a new home.

This one I will affectionately call "The Skier". I got him in honor of someone dear to my heart. Isn't he precious? Awwww....

I hope you're having a Happy Holiday Season so far!
Jules :Oj

Sunday, December 05, 2010


I recently went to Montreal. I spent 5 days there and it was a really cool trip. What's amazing about the city is how much of it you can get to by hardly going above ground at all! Most of my walk-abouts were at night, during the day I visited and shopped inside... and I slept in every day. Ahhhhhhh... Because it got dark so early, most of my shots were night time photos. But some are worthwhile sharing.

This was just about the coolest grafitti that I've ever seen, if not the coolest. I have no idea what it says, but I just loved it. It wasn't far from my apartment.

I saw so many churches between my place and downtown. I love taking photos of them because they all look so beautiful. This one with the glow of the moon and the lit up levels of the tower really caught my eye. It's a pity I didn't pay attention and make the photo straight, mind you.
The Montreal skyline from across the river. Brrrrr.. it was soooo cold that night and so windy. Still, it didn't take away from the beautiful lines and neon bits across the water.
I was staying on Rue St. Denis and it was quite a happening street, lined with pubs, bars, restaurants, and apartments. There were coffee houses and theatres nearby. This one was hosting the auditions for the next round of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, just half a block away from my apartment! I wanted so badly to go in and watch the autiditons, but they wouldn't let people go in and watch. Bummmmmer. I was bummed. But now that I was there when it was filming, I'll have more of an interest in watching it when it airs! :)

Well, that's probably all I'll post on that! It was a fun trip, but I had far too much solitary time. I was hoping to meet a few friends when I was there, but only got to meet one.
The next big trip is sometime next summer for the Indian Film Awards in Toronto. Wooooot!! Can't wait!
Jules :O)