Thursday, December 16, 2010

I aint no brainiac!

Well... it figures.

I haven't really been feeling mentally OR physically sharp recently. I guess this proves it. Although, I think I should retake this test when I've gotten more than 2 hours of sleep at night. That would likely make a dramatic difference.

I'm 34 and my brain age is 53. Hmmmmm... I'm gonna have to work on that.

If you are interested in finding out your brain age, click here. It only takes a few minutes and it's sort of fun. On one of the tests I got brain age 93. YIKES! Come back here and let me know what you scored!

Jules %O\
UPDATE: Oh Thank God. I went back and did it again a while later and my new brain age is 36. Phewph. That's more like it. LOL


SIMON said...

Mmmm just remind me what is wrong with being 53 in the brain? LOL!

Jim said...

I got a 35 year old brain for following the lighted dots.

A 24 year old brain for number recognition.

My anagram brain was 35.

My "Pounce" brain was a 20 year old.

Visual recognition got me a 35.

Overall, I have the brain of 36 year old. I hope he doesn't want it back.

Jules said...

Si - nothing at all if that's what chronological age you are!!! Me... that's a problem for!

Jim - Wooooow. I'm impressed!! I'm gonna say we're brain twinsies, because the second time I did it I scored 36.