Sunday, December 19, 2010

the insomnia cycle is back

It's 4:11am.

I guess I've just got too much stuff on my mind lately. I haven't slept well in about 2 weeks. I look at myself and see bags under my eyes. I walk around in a fog most of the time. Sometimes I come off as being funny, but really I'm just out of it.

I was laying in bed tonight and my brain wouldn't shut off. So at 3am, I came out here. Caught up with some stuff I had been neglecting, and decided to come write a post.

Insomnia sucks crusty cat pucker. It really does. I was talking to Thor today about the affects of a sleeping pill called Ambien. It's really nasty stuff, apparently. It will cause you to hallucinate, have memory loss, and all sorts of other stuff. Might as well be on narcotics. Right now though... I have to say, a sleeping pill would be welcome. Maybe not Ambien though. People say that Melatonin will make the brain relax enough to sleep. Perhaps I'll have to give that a try.. although my soul brother tried it and it made things worse for him. I just don't know. I'm gonna go from here in a few minutes and draw a hot bath. That should do the trick, maybe.

I hope my family doesn't phone or text me before noon. It's my weekend off and by now they should know I like to sleep in.

Jules 8O/


SIMON said...

Insomnia sucks crusty cat pucker.
LMAO!!! What a wonderful expression!!
However bad it becomes it is never worth going on any drugs such as Zolpidem (Ambien)- yes it is nasty.
Look at the causes and natural stuff before you are tempted, really!
Camomile tea, even if it doesn't work doesn't alter your mind!!!

Vixey said...

Oh man, I can soooo totally relate. I go through these cycles quite regularly. It really does suck.
I find the melatonin works but it certainly isn't for everyone. Good luck finding your solution.
Sweet Dreams. :o)

Shell said...

oops. sorry. In my defense it was 11am (almost noon!)

Jules said...

Ya, I'd never ever take the stuff after the warnings Thor gave me.

Vix - the hot bath thing seemed to work, thankfully.

Shell - was it? it felt like 8am. LOL