Sunday, December 05, 2010


I recently went to Montreal. I spent 5 days there and it was a really cool trip. What's amazing about the city is how much of it you can get to by hardly going above ground at all! Most of my walk-abouts were at night, during the day I visited and shopped inside... and I slept in every day. Ahhhhhhh... Because it got dark so early, most of my shots were night time photos. But some are worthwhile sharing.

This was just about the coolest grafitti that I've ever seen, if not the coolest. I have no idea what it says, but I just loved it. It wasn't far from my apartment.

I saw so many churches between my place and downtown. I love taking photos of them because they all look so beautiful. This one with the glow of the moon and the lit up levels of the tower really caught my eye. It's a pity I didn't pay attention and make the photo straight, mind you.
The Montreal skyline from across the river. Brrrrr.. it was soooo cold that night and so windy. Still, it didn't take away from the beautiful lines and neon bits across the water.
I was staying on Rue St. Denis and it was quite a happening street, lined with pubs, bars, restaurants, and apartments. There were coffee houses and theatres nearby. This one was hosting the auditions for the next round of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, just half a block away from my apartment! I wanted so badly to go in and watch the autiditons, but they wouldn't let people go in and watch. Bummmmmer. I was bummed. But now that I was there when it was filming, I'll have more of an interest in watching it when it airs! :)

Well, that's probably all I'll post on that! It was a fun trip, but I had far too much solitary time. I was hoping to meet a few friends when I was there, but only got to meet one.
The next big trip is sometime next summer for the Indian Film Awards in Toronto. Wooooot!! Can't wait!
Jules :O)

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