Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the news just makes me mad

Well this made me outraged and disgusted to be an Albertan tonight as I heard it on the news.

Of course with all the talk of the DADT stuff going on in the States right now, same sex issues have been all over the media everywhere, not that I'm a media hound, but tonight I paid special attention because there was one being highlighted on the local news. By local, I mean provincial news.

Apparently it had come to the attention of the powers that be that here in Alberta by some random reporter that "homosexuality" was listed as a mental disorder on the official Physician's Diagnostic Guide. Yes, that's right. Doctors, province wide, have been able to collect payment for treating patients who come to them and get a diagnosis of said "mental disorder". It was listed as No. 305 on the list of treatable illnesses.

This was last reviewed in 2005 and for some reason it was actually LEFT ON THE LIST in Alberta, while British columbia made the move to delete it. The dude on the news said that the province was sorry for this and that he believed it was terribly old fashioned thinking and discriminatory and should have been taken off the list many years ago. REALLY?? YA THINK??? Stupid fucking people.

Furthermore, they couldn't offer an explaination as to why it wasn't taken off the disgnostic guide until presently, especially considering the American Psychiatric Association stopped considering it an illness back before I was effing born in 1973 and the Canadian one in 1982. The medical administrator guy said it was a political issue, certainly not a medical one. Dumb assed government.

God almighty. How embarrasing to be an Albertan. Thankfully this problem is finally being dealt with. Here's an article on it if you want to read further.

My sincerest apologies for all my beautiful cherished gay friends, male and female. I know for certain you're not any more "mental" than I am!!! ;)

Jules @:O)


The Grunt said...

Merry Christmas! Damn Alberta!!!

Jules said...


SIMON said...

Wow that would be horrendous for a third world country!
Alberta absolutely disgusting.

Tys on Ice said...

being gay is treatable? wht is it, a headache or something?

man, i really do wish politics and religions stayed out of people's bedroom

Jules said...

Si - I know. *hangs head in shame*

Tys - LOL.. exactly.

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