Wednesday, December 22, 2010

tidbit time

Well, I guess there's a couple of things to talk about.

1) I had a health scare, but no worries, I'm resolving it and I'm feeling better. If i'd have thought it was serious, I'd probably have written about it sooner. Me and a health scare... what else is new?

2) My Dad's been transferred to the hospital in his home town.. so that means that the worst of his recovery is over. All praise to the Higher Being!!! He's still got about 8 - 10 weeks in a wheelchair. They had to totally rebuild both of his heels/ankles. Maybe I'll affectionately call him "Metal Man" from now on... though I'll wait until he's feeling better and has a good sense of humor about the whole event.

3) I'm experiencing this really sort of strange fast forward/pause state of being lately. It seems like Christmas has come WAAAY too fast this year and I was nowhere ready for it. Today I'm finally ready. Usually I'm ready for it a month in advance at least. So that's the fast forward part. The pause part... it seems like I'm living in fast foraard, but then every once in a while, time slows down to almost a stop and it takes forever to get through bits and pieces of my days. I wish I had some way to regulate time, or the feeling of the passage of time better.

4) My insomnia is still around. I've been wide awake when it's been time to sleep, then I spend my days feeling draggy and edgy. I really need to just be able to sleep in.

5) There's a warming trend coming for Christmas. It's supposed to be above freezing, so we're going sledding on Christmas Day. Should be awesome fun. I hope I don't break anything. LOL I also hope it gets cold enough not to create a problem on the roads the next time it snows.

Well, with all that said, that's about all I've got for right now. I hope you've all gotten your Christmas cards, those of you who emailed me your addresses and if I do't happen to make it in here on Christmas Day... I hope you all have a very very merry one!!

Love Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Your Dad's injuries and health scare for yourself added to all the other stressful things that are going on at any one time are the causes of the fast forward/pause situation and the insomnia.
Number 5 could be the solution!!!
Happy times with family and friends!!!
Worth a try hey?!

Jules said...

Happy times with friends it is then! :)