Monday, December 06, 2010

Too cute for words... a borderline obsession.

If you know me at all, you KNOW that I have a love affair with folky looking snowmen. OMG, they just make me feel cheery and bright. On December 1st every year, we break out the collection and put the tree up, and then every Christmas I buy myself an addition or two, usually for the tree.

So... introducing..... **drum roll**
My 3 new snowmen!

I'm going to call these two "The Snow Twins" cuz they were sitting together waiting to be adopted. Ohhhhh, lookit how adorable they are! And so happy to have a new home.

This one I will affectionately call "The Skier". I got him in honor of someone dear to my heart. Isn't he precious? Awwww....

I hope you're having a Happy Holiday Season so far!
Jules :Oj


don said...

Those are pretty pictures!

Jim said...

I've got many, many snowmen on the tree... we could have a "snowman off"!

Jules said...

Don - Thanks! Thanks for teaching me how to use my camera in the dark! LOL

Jim - Bring. It. On, my Dear Friend! Mwahahahaha! How many are on your tree right now, without adding any more. I'll count mine... I have 16 just on my tree... and another 15 spread about my house.. (and that's not counting the ones in clusters as more than 1. Hehehehehe!

SIMON said...

Yes maybe more than borderline, obsession wise but they are so cute I'm sure we can allow it!!