Sunday, January 30, 2011

keep it crotchless

I have a hole in my pajama bottoms. It's in the crotch. And I have no idea how it got there. I don't often wear them to bed, so creating it while playing with myself in my sleep is a little bit of an unlikely scenario... I don't work out in them, so I couldn't have split the seam whilst doing doggy kicks or anything...

My best guess is they were cheaply sewn and through washing them they have torn.

I'm not sure if I'll fix it or leave it there... leaving it there could be fun.

Jules :Oweeee)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Harshal's Photos

My good friend Hersh decided to make a portfolio of negatives and submit his photos to this contest...

I thought I'd give shout out and post his link so you all can go check them out. They look amazing in real color, but in negative they look really cool too. Soooo.. if you would like, go have a peek at his portfolio for the contest and vote at the top right of the page, click on how many stars you would rate his work.

By the way... his photographs of bugs... I just have to say, I've never been able to feel good about looking at spiders, but somehow his photos make me feel in awe of them, instead of afraid of them. Interesting...

Jules :O)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Hobby??

I was watching a show with Thor that was all about the art of Origami. This show was amazing.. the figurines that were so intricately constructed just with fold upon fold upon fold of paper were gobsmacking. I just kept squealing "wow... look at THAT one... holy cow, that's awesome!" the whole show through.

I joked about taking it up as my new hobby, and about how I'd go to the library today and get some books and begin delving into my new form of artful expression.... but I guess somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that it would actually be a cool thing to try and do. So I DID go to the library, signed out 4 books from beginner to master origami and after the kids were in bed, I dove in!

First, I made a little cat face. I thought that was easy enough, so then I did a goldfish and started to fall in love. I attempted a butterfly but didn't feel like it was fluttery enough, I think it more resembles an airplane. Then came a king cobra and lastly a more whimsical butterfly. The last butterfly totally did me in. I am now officially hooked on origami. I'm nowhere near a master, and it will take a long time for me to get to that point... heck, I might even lose interest in it before I accomplish anything major, but for now... for tonight... it was a really cool way to pass the time.

I did 3 cobras, 5 goldfish, the cat face, the airplane/butterfly, and 4 whimsy butterflies. Sooo.. 14 origami figurines. Here's a photo, so you can see what I was up to.

I actually really like the whimsy butterflies, so before I go to bed, I might find a way to tape them on my wall.... ummm.. well obviously, I did (don't mind the clutter on my desk).

Okkk... so, it's time for a hot bath which will hopefully kick my ass into the realm of dreamland for the night.. well, immediately upon exiting the tub, not during.

Jules :Ocool!

Foggy Brainitis

Last night I didn't really sleep. I fell asleep at about 2am and then I woke up at exactly 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. My alarm went off at 7:21 and I pressed the snooze button 3 times. So I dragged my ass out of bed at 7:45 and felt about as wonderful as a load of crap on a fiber cracker.
I tried to pull myself together. Did I do ok?
I put on some pretty embellishments to distract people from seeing the bags under my eyes and faked a smile when really all I've been able to do is **yawn** all morning and barely keep my eyes open. I don't know what's going on with me. Seems I haven't been able to sleep well since around the 3rd of January. Right now I'm so tired I almost feel drunk.
At what point do you start to go clinically insane from lack of proper sleep? Have I still got a while before somebody attempts to commit me into an assylum? And why does the word commit look like it's spelled really wrong to me? Commit... comitt... committ... comit... wtf. None of them look right.
Best just to press publish now and try to survive the day.
Jules 8Oloooopy

Sunday, January 16, 2011

company in my bathtub

The other night I decided to take my camera to the tub with me to see how some super macro photos of my bubbles would turn out. Just out of curiosity. I thought the results were awesome but was super intrigued by what I saw specifically for this one reason ... I found that I wasn't bathing alone! I had several different things in there bathing with me. Of course, I only realized it after careful study of the bubble photos. Click on the images to blow them up so you see the things I found in the bubbles better.

To my pleasant surprise, I was bathing with a Snowman with boobs, a halo and wings...
A sleeping owl complete with closed eyes, a beak and little feet....
... and a tiny little man sitting on the edge of a bubble.. he looks like the kind you see on the public washroom signs...

It was a fun bath, shooting the photos, I took lots more that I couldn't find things in but were equally as intricate and fascinating to examine. Some had obvious flowers, one had a fairly decent shaped heart...

What's in your bubbles?

Jules :OD

Friday, January 14, 2011

have you ever been this cold?

I'm so damn cold I think even my poo is frozen when it comes out. I'm so cold that my nose runs instantly when I go outside and it freezes into little snotscicles (my mom was even laughing at my frozen nose hairs the other day). I'm so cold you can see the blue from lack of blood flow to my toes showing through my bright toe nail polish... gives it a sort of Jack Frost type of glow. I'm so cold that I dare not stub my toes or bang my fingers into anything for fear they will just break off. I'm so cold that I'm debating just climbing into a hot bath, clothes and all. I'm so cold that my goosebumps have become a permanent part of my body and have amalgomated into one giant goosebump, in fact, my new nickname should be "Bumpy". I'm so cold that I really have been contemplating the feasability of winter hibernation and the impact it would have on my family if I left them to fend for themselves. Cold. Cold. Cold.

That's all.

But oh... cheer me up... tell me what you think of my new background. Is it a bit pompous having myself in big like that over there? I'm debating if I should leave it there or take it down.

Jules :>(

Monday, January 10, 2011

this post sucks....

It's hard to be thankful for things when the weather is making life sooo miserable. I hate to seem like a "Canadian" complaining about all the weather and cold cold temperatures... but holy eff. There's just sooo much damn shovelling to do.. and it's sooo cold! We got massively dumped on in Alberta and Saskatchewan this weekend, and now BC is suffering through a massive storm that will move east and drop another 15 cm's of snow on us over the upcoming weekend. So yay. We get to top off those already waist deep snow piles with enough to bring it to chest level. It's damn hard lifting that heavy snow and super hard lifting it up that high. Not to mention how impossible it is to drive in. You can't go anywhere without it scraping the bottom of your car and you hate to slow down for fear of getting stuck. I had to help push a neighborhood lady out of a rut this afternoon... and hers was a massive big heavy white van. I'm not sure if it was that or all the shovelling, but my right shoulder is killing me again. :(

I guess the good thing about getting stuck is that with the good natured neighbourly attitude that is fairly dominant around here, there's always someone to come to your rescue.

In Edmonton (a city one hour and a bit north of mine) they will be waking up to -43C (-45F... does anyone see a problem when the farenheit scale is showing COLDER than celcius???) with windchill temps in the morning tomorrow. I hope and pray that it's not that cold here. I'm not sure my car would start if it is that cold. Even with it plugged in last night, it seemed quite sluggish to wake up this morning.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I can handle snow, but combine snow with the stupid deep freeze torment and I just get cranky.

I want a constant supply of Tim's French Vanilla's and a nice warm quilt to crawl up into and not come out till spring.

I bought snow shoes. At least there's lots of snow for those now. Should get lots of use out of them this winter. As long as it warms up enough that you don't freeze all exposed skin within 1 minute of venturing outside. Today I thought my arms were just going to freeze and break off every time I lifted the full shovel. I was almost convinced of it.

Ok. Phewph. I think I got it out. I'll try not to be so negative over the weekend when the next storm reaches us.

Jules :Ogrumble(

Sunday, January 09, 2011

gross yucky terrible winter

I'm ready for the snow to stop and the wind to stop... I have to leave the house in an hour and I'm hoping I don't get stuck trying to leave my parking spot. I think I'll attempt it without the kids in the car first, then drive around the blog and park 3 or 4 times, thereby hopefully packing it down enough that I can get in and out of my parking spot with relative ease. I didn't get stuck last year, so hopefully this year I won't either...

((post modified without photos for reasons I'd rather not get into..))

You can't really tell the depth of the snow... on the right side, it's up to my mid thigh, on the right, it's waist deep where I had to shovel that giant pile. My shoulder's sore and I'm frozen to the bone with temps of -31C/-23F (windchill temp). Brrrrrrr....

I can handle a nice winter day... this though... I want to tell it to eff off.

Jules :Obrrr(

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Horse On The Loose, a book review

My friend, Sara, gave me one of the books that she authored, illustrated and published a little while back with only one string attached... to review it on my blog once I had read it. Well, sadly, I finished reading it a long time ago but haven't remembered to blog about it until now.

The book is called "Horse On The Loose", one book in the Pinto Mountain Series and it's classified as youth fiction, meant for an age group of about 11 - 16. So while I was reading it, I tried to put myself into the mindset of that age group to really get its full effect. Overall, I thought the book was entertaining and a joy to read. It was educational for somebody who doesn't know anything about the equestrian circle (with a full glossary of terms in the back of the book), and I thought it was an enlightening look at what life on a farm in the mountains would be like, from the perspective of a teenaged boy. Her writing is intricate, insightful and wonderfully descriptive. After reading for a while, I would close my eyes to picture the passage I'd just read in my mind, and because of her delightful descriptions, I could easily envision her characters, their relationships to one another, and their connections with the land and the animals in the story.

While reading it, I particularily enjoyed the evolution of the main character, Jesse, with a new found friend, Danielle.. a city girl who'd come to live in the mountains. I also loved the relationship between Jesse and his father, and how there was always this immense yet understated love for his son coupled with teaching him the necessary aspects of responsibility and reward in life.

Sara's ability to draw in the reader and put them in the setting of the story was powerful enough to actually give me a nightmare the evening of finishing the novel, which related to the underlying danger of wolves throughout the story. Because of her descriptive ability she was able to instill Jesse's fear of wolves into my head.

I would recommend Sara's line of novels to anyone of that age group or above who wants a nice read full of powerful imagery. You can find Sara's blog here to ask about where to purchase this book. She is also a published children's book author/illustrator and a wonderful artist and you can buy some of her books online here. So go ahead and check her out!

Friday, January 07, 2011

OMG, I'm a criminal!

I'm D-R-A-G-G-I-N my A-S-S today!

Okay, so it was time for me to update my criminal record check and child welfare check for my employer so I figured I'd better get them done today. I parked at the provincial building and did the child welfare check first, then I jogged through downtown and got to the cop shop. I slightly hesitated, because I have a recent infraction... I parked facing the wrong way in front of my own house a few weeks ago and received a $50 parking ticket for that. But seeing as how I paid it the very next day, I thought "not a big deal." So I fill in the forms and as I'm filling in the second one, the lady police officer sternly looks up at me and with a scowl says "You have a bylaw infraction on here, and it shows right here ((points to spot on form)) that your criminal record check isn't 100% clear. If the employer wishes to know what the issue is, they can fill out this form and give it to you to bring back to us and we'll release the information."


She scared me! She looked so cross with me... over a stupid effing parking ticket!!! Tell you what, it had better not cause me grief with my job. It was in front of my own effing house, for crying out loud.

I dropped off the results at work and left a note for my coordinator that it was just a parking ticket... Wish me luck that I don't get fired.

On the plus side, because for every down there's an up... my son's got a little girlfriend. Well, there's a little girl who keeps drawing him this same picture over and over again. Today's came home with a heart next to her depiction of Nathan. Awwwww... makes my heart melt!!! Of course he, being a 5 year old boy, has no idea what the significance is for this little girl. He's a boy who's oblivious to little girls' crushes at this age. At least I assume he is. When I asked him what he says when she gives them to him he said "welllll, I said thank you." LOL! He did color her a unicorn picture back the other day though, so that should have made her swoon. :)

Jules :Oj

Thursday, January 06, 2011

self induced sleep deprivation

How come I get the inkling to go ahead and drink caffienated coffee in the evening from time to time? Seriously... a french vanilla from Tim's at 7pm does me no favors at all. And it's not the first time this has happened. Every time it happens I tell myself the same thing... DO NOT consume caffiene after 5pm if you want to fall asleep at any sort of reasonable hour. Just stay away Julie. Say no to the Tim's voice inside your head. It's gonna get you... you're gonna be soooooorrrryyyyy Julie... no! No!!! Don't do it! Don't order it!!!

Shit. You just can't listen to yourself, can you?

I have the feeling I'll be really tired in the morning. It's a good thing a FV first thing in the morning agrees with my body.

As for now, I forsee a long and boring night of watching youTube videos and checking in on Facebook. Ufffffff.

Jules :Owired...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Sweater Song by Hedley

I really love Hedley. I think they're a great band and I wish I had their album(s). I might actually have to shell out for the CD's or an iTunes card. Their videos are often quite weird though.

This is their newest song on the radio and frankly, I can't get enough of it right now. I think lyrically it's brilliant and I love the simplicity of it, and the juxtaposition of the soothing melody paired with the heartwrenching lyrics. Anyone who knows my life would understand why I'm drawn to this song! LOL

This video isn't the official one though. You know, it sort of bugs me when artists release a song and then don't have an official video on YouTube for it yet. This one, someone cleverly did a Sims animation for it. Oddly, it depicts the song better than some of the human attempts that people have put out there. LOL

Removed the video link, just search Hedley Sweater Song in YouTube.

Jules :Olalala...