Sunday, January 09, 2011

gross yucky terrible winter

I'm ready for the snow to stop and the wind to stop... I have to leave the house in an hour and I'm hoping I don't get stuck trying to leave my parking spot. I think I'll attempt it without the kids in the car first, then drive around the blog and park 3 or 4 times, thereby hopefully packing it down enough that I can get in and out of my parking spot with relative ease. I didn't get stuck last year, so hopefully this year I won't either...

((post modified without photos for reasons I'd rather not get into..))

You can't really tell the depth of the snow... on the right side, it's up to my mid thigh, on the right, it's waist deep where I had to shovel that giant pile. My shoulder's sore and I'm frozen to the bone with temps of -31C/-23F (windchill temp). Brrrrrrr....

I can handle a nice winter day... this though... I want to tell it to eff off.

Jules :Obrrr(


Vixey said...

That snow is so dang deep I can hear the bottom of my car dragging on it as I drive down the street.
As for snow banks and snow drifts... my kids will love it when it warms enough for them to actually play outside. All I can say though is BBRRRRRRRRR!
Try to stay warm sista. :o)

Jules said...

I just can't hardly wait to get hit with the storm coming at us Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Wow. It's gonna be an awesome weekend off. The freshly ploughed streets will be shit once again. And not just that, but effing COLD temps to accompany it.. like -30 or lower. Good stuff.

SIMON said...

Maybe telling it to eff off may be the best for now!
Sorry though about your shoulder though.