Friday, January 14, 2011

have you ever been this cold?

I'm so damn cold I think even my poo is frozen when it comes out. I'm so cold that my nose runs instantly when I go outside and it freezes into little snotscicles (my mom was even laughing at my frozen nose hairs the other day). I'm so cold you can see the blue from lack of blood flow to my toes showing through my bright toe nail polish... gives it a sort of Jack Frost type of glow. I'm so cold that I dare not stub my toes or bang my fingers into anything for fear they will just break off. I'm so cold that I'm debating just climbing into a hot bath, clothes and all. I'm so cold that my goosebumps have become a permanent part of my body and have amalgomated into one giant goosebump, in fact, my new nickname should be "Bumpy". I'm so cold that I really have been contemplating the feasability of winter hibernation and the impact it would have on my family if I left them to fend for themselves. Cold. Cold. Cold.

That's all.

But oh... cheer me up... tell me what you think of my new background. Is it a bit pompous having myself in big like that over there? I'm debating if I should leave it there or take it down.

Jules :>(


Sornie said...

Reading a few of your posts I'm assuming you must be experiencing a bit of a cold snap. The coldest actual temperature I ever experienced was -35F two winters ago and I had a flat tire on my way to work. That was the worst morning in quite some time. Just think, Spring is only 3 months away.

SIMON said...

Well bumpy, pompous and big I love it there, but then I would, wouldn't I? Leave it there a while though hey?

The Grunt said...

Leave up the picture:)

Vixey said...

You know it's cold when your 8yr old asks if you can go to Hawaii. LOL.
As for the pic... yeah, leave it up. I like it!!

Shell said...

Well, I'm guessing you are sick of winter!? lol! Me too sister, me too!

Also, the pic... pompous? Totally, but for some reason you seem to be able to pull it off!

I am Jules, hear me ROAR!!!!

Jules said...

Sornie... 3 months... uffff. That would have sucked about the tire, especially at that extremely low temp!

Si - Ya, I think I will.

Grunty - Okkkkk :)

Vix - That's hilarious.. mine suddenly had an unnatural thirst for knowledge about the equator that day. LOL

Shell - Haha! ROOOOAAARRR!! Hissss...