Saturday, January 08, 2011

Horse On The Loose, a book review

My friend, Sara, gave me one of the books that she authored, illustrated and published a little while back with only one string attached... to review it on my blog once I had read it. Well, sadly, I finished reading it a long time ago but haven't remembered to blog about it until now.

The book is called "Horse On The Loose", one book in the Pinto Mountain Series and it's classified as youth fiction, meant for an age group of about 11 - 16. So while I was reading it, I tried to put myself into the mindset of that age group to really get its full effect. Overall, I thought the book was entertaining and a joy to read. It was educational for somebody who doesn't know anything about the equestrian circle (with a full glossary of terms in the back of the book), and I thought it was an enlightening look at what life on a farm in the mountains would be like, from the perspective of a teenaged boy. Her writing is intricate, insightful and wonderfully descriptive. After reading for a while, I would close my eyes to picture the passage I'd just read in my mind, and because of her delightful descriptions, I could easily envision her characters, their relationships to one another, and their connections with the land and the animals in the story.

While reading it, I particularily enjoyed the evolution of the main character, Jesse, with a new found friend, Danielle.. a city girl who'd come to live in the mountains. I also loved the relationship between Jesse and his father, and how there was always this immense yet understated love for his son coupled with teaching him the necessary aspects of responsibility and reward in life.

Sara's ability to draw in the reader and put them in the setting of the story was powerful enough to actually give me a nightmare the evening of finishing the novel, which related to the underlying danger of wolves throughout the story. Because of her descriptive ability she was able to instill Jesse's fear of wolves into my head.

I would recommend Sara's line of novels to anyone of that age group or above who wants a nice read full of powerful imagery. You can find Sara's blog here to ask about where to purchase this book. She is also a published children's book author/illustrator and a wonderful artist and you can buy some of her books online here. So go ahead and check her out!


SIMON said...

Sounds really good from your review - a thought struck me though as to how much easier it would always be for you to get to the mind frame of that age group rather than me!!!! LOL!!!
I wish Sarah every success with her newest venture, she has real talent.

Jules said...

Si - anyone can be at that level if they allow themselves to be! ;P

I'm not sure how new this series is, but it seems like Sara's always got something like this on the go.

Sara said...


I super appreciate the super nice review on your blog!

BTW EVERYONE... I didn't say she had to write a NICE review... lol! I'm glad you did, though, Julie!!!

If the wolves in the first book freaked you out, you'll love them in the second book!

I'm almost done the third book now, I'm pretty excited for it :)

Jules said...

You're so welcome! I enjoyed that experience and I was happy to write your review. Sorry it took me so long though!