Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Hobby??

I was watching a show with Thor that was all about the art of Origami. This show was amazing.. the figurines that were so intricately constructed just with fold upon fold upon fold of paper were gobsmacking. I just kept squealing "wow... look at THAT one... holy cow, that's awesome!" the whole show through.

I joked about taking it up as my new hobby, and about how I'd go to the library today and get some books and begin delving into my new form of artful expression.... but I guess somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that it would actually be a cool thing to try and do. So I DID go to the library, signed out 4 books from beginner to master origami and after the kids were in bed, I dove in!

First, I made a little cat face. I thought that was easy enough, so then I did a goldfish and started to fall in love. I attempted a butterfly but didn't feel like it was fluttery enough, I think it more resembles an airplane. Then came a king cobra and lastly a more whimsical butterfly. The last butterfly totally did me in. I am now officially hooked on origami. I'm nowhere near a master, and it will take a long time for me to get to that point... heck, I might even lose interest in it before I accomplish anything major, but for now... for tonight... it was a really cool way to pass the time.

I did 3 cobras, 5 goldfish, the cat face, the airplane/butterfly, and 4 whimsy butterflies. Sooo.. 14 origami figurines. Here's a photo, so you can see what I was up to.

I actually really like the whimsy butterflies, so before I go to bed, I might find a way to tape them on my wall.... ummm.. well obviously, I did (don't mind the clutter on my desk).

Okkk... so, it's time for a hot bath which will hopefully kick my ass into the realm of dreamland for the night.. well, immediately upon exiting the tub, not during.

Jules :Ocool!


The Grunt said...

I had no idea that you knew the Norse god of thunder. Awesome!

don said...

Wow you really have a gift for that!

SIMON said...

They are great, you have a natural flair.
No stopping you now!!