Friday, January 07, 2011

OMG, I'm a criminal!

I'm D-R-A-G-G-I-N my A-S-S today!

Okay, so it was time for me to update my criminal record check and child welfare check for my employer so I figured I'd better get them done today. I parked at the provincial building and did the child welfare check first, then I jogged through downtown and got to the cop shop. I slightly hesitated, because I have a recent infraction... I parked facing the wrong way in front of my own house a few weeks ago and received a $50 parking ticket for that. But seeing as how I paid it the very next day, I thought "not a big deal." So I fill in the forms and as I'm filling in the second one, the lady police officer sternly looks up at me and with a scowl says "You have a bylaw infraction on here, and it shows right here ((points to spot on form)) that your criminal record check isn't 100% clear. If the employer wishes to know what the issue is, they can fill out this form and give it to you to bring back to us and we'll release the information."


She scared me! She looked so cross with me... over a stupid effing parking ticket!!! Tell you what, it had better not cause me grief with my job. It was in front of my own effing house, for crying out loud.

I dropped off the results at work and left a note for my coordinator that it was just a parking ticket... Wish me luck that I don't get fired.

On the plus side, because for every down there's an up... my son's got a little girlfriend. Well, there's a little girl who keeps drawing him this same picture over and over again. Today's came home with a heart next to her depiction of Nathan. Awwwww... makes my heart melt!!! Of course he, being a 5 year old boy, has no idea what the significance is for this little girl. He's a boy who's oblivious to little girls' crushes at this age. At least I assume he is. When I asked him what he says when she gives them to him he said "welllll, I said thank you." LOL! He did color her a unicorn picture back the other day though, so that should have made her swoon. :)

Jules :Oj


don said...

She has a nice sense of color :)

Jules said...

You're right, Don... great color coordination! Plus, quite artistic, I mean, look at the attention to detail on his name, with the little dots on all the points... :)

Vixey said...

Well dear sis, if you are a criminal then so am I. Not three month ago I found a similar sort of thing on my CRC. Only difference is... I had no idea it was there. I must've looked like a fool when the officer told me about it and I responded with an emphatic "Noooo!" Like the police officer is gonna lie to me or make such a mistake. I mean he is sitting there looking right at it on his computer for eff sakes. LOL
No criminals here sis. Just unfortunate timing. :o)

SIMON said...

I simply love the picture and it's real true love of course!!
As for the parking you will be fine but really what have we come to when we spend time on that kind of assinine detail when there are murderers and rapists never caught!!!

Don't get me started!!!!

Jules said...

Vix - Really? I didn't know that happened to you! Well, at least I know they won't fire me then, cuz they didn't fire you!

Si - Nope, I won't get you started!! The pic is cute though, for sure!

Sara said...

a criminal record for parking the wrong way? YEESH!

....And that is SO cute!!