Monday, January 10, 2011

this post sucks....

It's hard to be thankful for things when the weather is making life sooo miserable. I hate to seem like a "Canadian" complaining about all the weather and cold cold temperatures... but holy eff. There's just sooo much damn shovelling to do.. and it's sooo cold! We got massively dumped on in Alberta and Saskatchewan this weekend, and now BC is suffering through a massive storm that will move east and drop another 15 cm's of snow on us over the upcoming weekend. So yay. We get to top off those already waist deep snow piles with enough to bring it to chest level. It's damn hard lifting that heavy snow and super hard lifting it up that high. Not to mention how impossible it is to drive in. You can't go anywhere without it scraping the bottom of your car and you hate to slow down for fear of getting stuck. I had to help push a neighborhood lady out of a rut this afternoon... and hers was a massive big heavy white van. I'm not sure if it was that or all the shovelling, but my right shoulder is killing me again. :(

I guess the good thing about getting stuck is that with the good natured neighbourly attitude that is fairly dominant around here, there's always someone to come to your rescue.

In Edmonton (a city one hour and a bit north of mine) they will be waking up to -43C (-45F... does anyone see a problem when the farenheit scale is showing COLDER than celcius???) with windchill temps in the morning tomorrow. I hope and pray that it's not that cold here. I'm not sure my car would start if it is that cold. Even with it plugged in last night, it seemed quite sluggish to wake up this morning.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I can handle snow, but combine snow with the stupid deep freeze torment and I just get cranky.

I want a constant supply of Tim's French Vanilla's and a nice warm quilt to crawl up into and not come out till spring.

I bought snow shoes. At least there's lots of snow for those now. Should get lots of use out of them this winter. As long as it warms up enough that you don't freeze all exposed skin within 1 minute of venturing outside. Today I thought my arms were just going to freeze and break off every time I lifted the full shovel. I was almost convinced of it.

Ok. Phewph. I think I got it out. I'll try not to be so negative over the weekend when the next storm reaches us.

Jules :Ogrumble(


The Grunt said...

If I had enough diesel, I'd come up there in my work tractor and dig you out. We got dumped on here too, but things stay above zero F here. The problem we get is when the storms are gone something called an "inversion" makes the sky turn into a gray soup. That makes everything bleak around here. Thank goodness St. George is only a five hour drive away. How would you like a small amount of snow with temps in the 50s?

SIMON said...

Oh the Canadian hibernation syndrome.
I know it does make you all negative, understandably, but as I said elsewhere, try not to let it get you down.....(too much) oh all right then just a bit but just bounce back that's all!

Vixey said...

LMAO! You are so funny when you"re angry. I laugh but you know, deep down, I'm feeling the exact same way. My whole body aches and my hands are blistered from all the shoveling. So someone PLEASE, tell mother nature Enough already.

Jules said...

Grunty - I've recently heard about the "inversion" phenomenon. Have to say... I wouldn't be able to handle that. It's bloody cold here, and snowy, but at least the air feels clean.

Si - All I have to say is you're lucky you aren't here right now. It's effing ridiculous. Ask anybody!

Vix - Well if I come off funny when I'm angry then I've got the world at my fingertips... LOL I have been telling Mother Nature enough since last weekend. She decided to give us another foot of snow instead.

Jim said...

AS my Canadian husband (from Grande Prairie, AB) says, -40 is -40 no matter which thermometer you use. It's just F*¢king COLD!

In regards to a hidden benefit you may not know about your cold winter, when your face is completely frozen just think of it as free Botox.