Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Beautiful Day

The sunset on my way back home from Camrose, from visiting my Dad yesterday, was so pretty I had to stop a few times to take photos of it as it sunk lower into the sky. I found it particularily stunning as it peeked through the naked trees.

My Dad, by the way is recovering so well! I was thrilled to go to his house and see him standing and walking!! His ribs are healed for the most part, his scars are all totally clean and healed, his body has it's shape and color back, his eyes looked normal, and we had a really nice conversation. It was just superb seeing him doing so well today. Just beautiful! I was like a cheerleader, full of squeals and excitement. Finally, my heart feels like it's healing again.

Jules :Oj


Tys on Ice said...

great news abt ur wonder the sunset looked so beautiful...isnt it strange that everything arnd us is colored by our emotions?

don said...

That's great your dad is on the mend. Beautiful picture!

SIMON said...

Love the pic and the fact that your Dad is rcovering well oh and your heart healing again! Yay!!!

Jules said...

Tys - Thanks! I'm not sure if things are colored by my emotions.. often if I am feeling down, I go to a beautiful place full of vibrancy and look at it to lighten my spirits.

Don - It's so wonderful! **squeals** I'm glad you like the photo!

Si - Thank you! Yes, it's nice to have a heart that's back on track again.. peaceful and calm.

The Grunt said...

I'm glad for your dad--happy for your pappy--and the only thing that I can think of that rhymes with heart is fart, so I'll just say awesome that your heart is doing good.