Saturday, February 19, 2011

R Rated Post... Beware!

Trust me, proceed with caution.. this is graphic. Stop now if you're easily offended.

I swear to God... if I have to die young, I hope they find me naked on my bed with my Mr. Magic humming my kitty and my Jolly Green G rocking me from the inside, surrounded by fruity scented candles with the hint of vanilla and coconut caressing my skin. For the love of God, we should all praise the inventor of the vibrator.

Jules :Obuzzz)


Tys on Ice said...

and may god bless the person who finds ur dead body.

(whew, that came out all wrong)

question: why does the vibrator vibrate when the real thing does not? are we trying to better gods creation? have we actually got one up on something atleast?


SIMON said...

Don't know about dying young but whenever you die I trust you would want to be found the same way!! Best way to go I'm told!!!
(LMAO at Tys .....have we actually got one up.......?!!!!)

Jules said...

Tys - LOL! I don't know why they made the vibrator vibrate, but they did good, I say. That being said, there will NEVER be a replacement for the feeling of skin on skin, breathing together, moving together with someone.

Si - Ya that would be ideal, die having sex.. much better than any alternative i can think of!

Tys on Ice said...

okie then...u just made me blush..