Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's in the Mountains!

I escaped to the mountains, this Valentine's Weekend. The drive there was whiteknuckling, the drive home was frustratingly long because I had to double the road time as hwy 93 was closed... but my time in Radium was outstanding! I couldn't have possibly had better company, either!

So this time, our main goal was to go cross country skiing. Thor brought me a complete set of skis, with boots and poles! How sweet! On Friday night we went to the hot springs and the lady at the counter told us about this nordic ski resort called Nipika. So the next morning we set out on the hunt for it. It's located just a 15 minute drive on hwy 93, north of Radium Hot Springs. You veer to the right off the main road and onto Settler's Road. That drive takes you down, down, down into the valley close to the river. You arrive to see a barn that was built in the early 1900's with a renovation to host parties in a room above the barn. The main floor is a giant open room where you can rent cross country skis and everything else you'd need, if you didn't bring your own. Cost of using their trails is just $10 per adult. It's pet friendly there too, with lots of large dogs running around. Nipika Resort also has cabins for rent, if you want to stay right there and ski for a whole weekend, though I prefer our little Village Country Inn in Radium iteslf. So here are some photos of the scenery as we skied and of the mountains on the way home.

This was ont he way home, the skies were blue for a good portion of the drive. I had to drive down to Fernie and back up Crowsnest Pass to get home. What should have been a 4 hour drive became 8.5.

The rich forest surrounding us as we skied.. it smelled so good...

These are the skis and poles Thor brought me. They worked perfectly.. thank you so much!

If you wandered off the path down there, the snow was very very deep!

The staff at Nipika (well, the sons of the owners, as it's a family owned and operated business), keep the trails well groomed.

Another blue sky photo of a mountain range on my way home. This one was near Sparwood.

While skiing, the atmosphere could only have been topped if it were a sunny day. The song of the wind rushing through the trees soothed my soul, while the fresh clean crisp air revived my body. Nipika has a section for beginner to intermediate skiers and a much more difficult and intricate course for advanced skiers. So there's something there for everyone. I hadn't been nordic sking in absolutely ages, and as my first time out as an adult, this was so much fun. I didn't even fall, not even on the downhill parts!

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

The pics are great Jules. Looks like you had a great time.
Nice one!

Jules said...

Ya, I really did, it was terrific! :)