Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Baffled? Who.. me?

There are a couple of things I don't understand. Things I've heard or happened upon that sort of baffle me.

Like the piece of macaroni sitting uncooked on my top step inside my house. How did it get there? I don't even have macaroni in the pantry. Was it magically transported there from some alternate existence or from a remote galaxy? Sent to spy on me and my family? Is there a microscopic camera in there sending live video feed to some other planet? Who invented the spy-roni anyway? And am I one of the first test subjects? In any case, I'm a little bit afraid to touch it. If you come to my house, look for it and smile as you walk by it. We have to put on a happy show.

Another thing is that apparently Madonna has a new line of clothing called "Material Girl" and The Bay sells it here. Now call me silly, but I just find that whole thing insanely cheezy. I don't think I require further explanation on that one, either. Just... I'm totally afraid to go there and look at the clothes.. I'm afraid I'll have some weird psychotic flashback to the 80's. Really Madonna... Material Girl clothes? Maybe I should be happy she didn't call the line "Vogue".

What is the youngest you've ever seen a white hair on a person? What age? My son's got a white hair and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be totally concerned about his abrupt advancement into his aging years or if it's just some randomness that has occurred without meaning anything significant. Should I be worried that before I turn 40 my son will look older than me? Wasn't there a movie about a kid who had an aging disease? He was like, 10 and he looked like he was 80? I'm sort of freaking out about that.

Maybe the white hair was transplanted on his head by the same aliens who sent the spy-roni, just to study my reaction to his change in physical appearance.

Jules :O?


don said...

Maybe it's called Material Girl, because it's made out of material..

SIMON said...

Yay to the white and grey hair brigade, 5 year olds, women, everybody!!!

Coming soon, NEW SEX SHOP called, "Like a virgin"!!

You have no idea how difficult it was getting Pasta the front door!!

Vixey said...

I'm gonna come to your house and crush that damn spy-roni. See how ya like that you "aliens". LOL
As for that white hair on your son's head... he's so creative and imaginative, he probably painted it with paint just to see your reaction. LOL

Jules said...

Don - Surely not.. I don't think you could call what Madonna wore in the 80's this "material" you speak of... ;)

Si - Are you serious? The Like a Virgin sex shop? I can't tell if you're joking...

Vix - I totally KNEW you'd have my back! Can always count on the soul-sister. Boo-yah!!