Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Harmonious Weekend

This is where I went skiing this weekend. Yesterday and today for a bit under 2 hours each day. It's so beautiful. The sun was out today, warming everything up, it reached a high of +5C here!! In some spots it made the trail seem a bit sticky though. But as long as I was outside, surrounded by scenes like this, I didn't care. I was just so thankful for all the abundance of the earth all around me.

Underneath a pine tree, a bare patch with a little chickadee (I think) caught my eye.

And I tracked a squirrell for some time.. or else he tracked me. Later I saw him frolicking in the bushes with another... ahhh, spring is totally in the air.
I just finished skiing here. The show was melting off my skis before I even put them back in my car. I broke the other basket on the other pole today. But I've learned how to fix that.

I sure hope spring has decided to stay finally and this isn't just a teaser... although I'll be so sad to have to put away my skis.
Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Yeah I sure hope that spring is there to stay for you.
Just think though with your skis you may actually almost possibly (!) look forward to winter now?!!!

Shell said...

I'm really REALLY hoping that spring is here to stay, but just thinking it outloud I feel like I've jinxed it!

don said...

It does look like a chickadee. Nice pictures

Jules said...

Si - Thanks to Thor, yeah! Imagine me, liking winter.. wtf?

Shell - You did. It's the first day of spring today and we're receiving another foot of snow. Yay.

Don - Thanks! I figured out how to put my camera setting to vivid, so it takes more colorful photos now.