Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heaven in cocoa and xylitol!

I am an effing genius. Well ok, probably not... anyone who knows anything about baking or cooking would likely disagree with me, but I'm not a chef of any kind. Here's why I'm saying I am a genius tonight. I have had to completely.. yes completely.. cut out sugars in all forms from my diet in order to fight my candida. I've been doing really great with it. A week and a day with no sugar at all. You'd be suprised at how difficult this is to achieve until you actually go ahead and try it. A pleasant side effect of this is that I've finally gotten through my weight loss plateau of 4 months! But that's not why I'm a genius. I've been able to cook up rewarding and fulfilling meals for breakfast lunch and dinner for 8 days. That's 24 meals, if I did my math right. Sometimes lunch suffers and it ends up being just raw veggies, but if I mix the right ones together and add some salt, pepper and spices, it's become really pleasing to my pallate just the same.

Here's what I ate for supper last night. It's chicken with Italian seasoning, garlic and pepper, sauteed in a tsp of olive oil and then just at the last 2 or 3 minutes, turn up the heat and add a tsp of butter. It gets all nice and brown and yummy that way. Underneath it is butternut squash, well done so it's easy to scoop out of the skin and mashed with butter and pepper. You could spice this up any way you wanted to. Make it curry chicken or greek chicken. Mmmm...

But as satisfying as food has gotten to be for me with the absence of sugar, I fear that it is approaching the peak of my monthly cycle soon and it's getting to be hard fighting my chocolate craving. So driving home tonight I was struck with thoughts of cocoa and xylitol. Xylitol is a pure sugar derived straight from birch trees and it one of two safe alternatives for candida sufferers. That and stevia. I picked up some xylitol yesterday but didn't know what to do with it until the cocoa came to mind. I could make chocolate. Now, I can't have milk or cream, and that would make this better, of course.. thicker and creamier, but this is totally an amazing substitute for someone needing a chocolate fix who can't have sugar! This contains ZERO sugar.

Mix 1 heaping tablespoon of cocoa with the same amount of xylitol and add 1 tablespoon of water at a time until you achieve your desired consistency. If you want an icing paste use less, or for a drizzle topping use more water. I would even be tempted to add a smidge of butter, but that just adds calories and isn't really necessary. I am eating it with 100% BROWN rice cakes, this is one of the few acceptable grains I'm allowed to eat and let me tell you what. It's delicious! It's like a little disc-like piece of Heaven. You should try this. Very low in calories and crunchy and yummy and oh so satisfying!

All I can say tonight is YAY for cocoa and "take THAT, anti-candida diet!"

Jules :Ommmm!


don said...

Nice! and it looks good too!

Tys on Ice said...

let me give u a recipe :

take a saucepan.

chop some (1) onions, slit some (2)green chilis

open a can of tuna drain the water.

have one cup of rice , washed and ready

now the cooking.

heat oil in a pan, saute the onion, add the chilis, add a pinch of tumeric and salt to taste. once the thingy is golden in color, add the tuna chuncks, just roll it in without breaking the tuna.

Now add the rice and pour 2 cups of water

stir the whole thing slighty and then leave to simmer in low flame...

read a book or say hello to mr.vibrator

come back to kitchen to check on cooked rice ( clue: the water wud have all steamed and the rice will be slightly wet and there will be some steam vents on the rice)..switch off the gas, cover the pan

let it cool for a bit..

now grab a plate, pile on the tuna rice, add some pickles and enjoy..

u can thank me tomorrow.

Shell said...

way to go Jules! I am proud of you being able to do this so effectively. Could end up being a lifestyle change too.

That chocolate looks simply luscious!

SIMON said...

That post just tastes good and looks good!!
Oh I did know you were a genius!!
Go girl!!