Friday, March 18, 2011

Mother What???

Incase you can't read it, it says "At last you can trade your skinny lips for a Sexy Mother Pucker".

Is this really for real? I know it must be because I saw it in Shoppers Drug Mart, but honestly? I sort of find it to be both funny and highly distasteful at the same time. For more than one reason. How about you? Did it tug on your funny bone, or make you make a puckery face yourself in disgust? I'm sort of torn. Am I supposed to give in and giggle or turn my nose up at it?

I guess I should be thankful I already have sexy mother pucking good lips. Agreed?

Jules :O*


don said...

No you don't need whatever that is,.. Lip soap?

SIMON said...

You are already a sexy mother pucker and that pic of your lips just proves it.

SIMON said...

Just giggle by the way!!

Hershey Desai said...

shiny pink lips :)
So perfectly shaped.

Its sad that my first thought was that these lips would make a great stock photo.
I need to get my brain tested.

Jules said...

Don - Thanks! It's a type of lip gloss, I think.. ??

Si - I'm giggling!

Hersh - Once a photographer, always a photogrpaher, right? I don't blame you.. but yes.. you DO need to get your brain tested.