Monday, March 07, 2011

a realization


I think the movie "Mystic Pizza" had more of an impact on me growing up than I thought. There's a girl called Kat in it who's attracted to an older man. I think that must have been what shaped me as a young woman. There's another one who sports long curly huge hair, played by Julie Roberts.. I'm guessing that I tried to emmulate her hair as I grew up too. Hmmm.

Plus... and this must just be coincidental, call me crazy with this one but... I also really enjoy... are you ready for this? Pizza!

I wonder if the little sex scenes helped to shape me too. Hmmm.

Interesting, how impressionable teens are.

Jules :Oj


The Grunt said...

I've never seen that movie, but I've always been fascinated with Julia Roberts' huge bear-trap mouth.

Jules said...

LOL Grunty! Yes, her mouth is ummm... huge! I can't say I share in the fascination, though.

SIMON said...

It is amazing sometimes just what an impact some movies can have on impressionable teenagers hey?
Oh the sex scenes...... won't make any comment!!