Monday, March 07, 2011

A strange and vivid dream

I dreamed last night that I was going on a ski trip with Thor and my mom. For some reason, I was considered totally the novice of the group and then there was Thor, the expert, and my mom was considered intermediate, although she never goes apline skiing. Anyway, we arrived at a resort in the mountains and I had to rent all my equipment, but in order to get to the place where you could rent from, you had to first climb up a bunny hill by foot and then use a crazy carpet to get to this little booth where it was all sold. The sliding part was sort of akin to a bobsled track. So Thor was going to meet us up at the top of the mountain and my mom went with me to get my skis.

We arrived at the booth after a very fast, twisty turny ride on the track and there was a really hot ski bum there renting stuff out. I started to fill out the forms for the rentals and he was handing me the skis, boots, and poles and then I turned to him in horror and said "Oh my God.. do you rent socks here too? Look at my feet, they're bare!!" Apparently I wasn't wearing anything at all on my feet, having just climbed up a snowy hill and crazy carpetted down a track. Go figure. The guy started to panic and out of his beautiful face came this really high pitched squeally voice, not manly at all, thus shattering my idealistic impression of him. He said to me "We don't have any left in stock! What are you going to do?!!!" He was really really upset and almost in a panic. Then he bent over and I could hear this shuffling noise and he popped back up with his own white and blue wool socks in his hands and thrust them upon me exclaiming "Here!!! Please!! You have to take mine!!"

So I smelled them while my mom looked at me in disgust and questioned whether the guy had any sort of foot fungus or not. He jumped up on the counter and let her examine his feet and she gave me a thumbs up and flashed me a silly smile.

She and I got on this really strange chair lift that was literally like a picnic table lift. You could fit 4 people on one side. So I climbed over top of this man and his son and then plopped down by mom. When we got to the top, Thor was waiting there with his shoes off, getting ready to put his ski boots on, but for some reason, he wanted to walk around on what was a beach at the top of the mountain in his socks first. So he did, then he looked down at his socks, then up at me, and said "Oh Darn.. now I'm all covered in sand.. maybe I shouldn't have done that" with this really distressed look on his face. I went over to him, carried his beautiful large muscular body back to the picnic table lift (as if he were light as air), brushed off his socks and helped him put his boots on.

That's is. It was a very strange dream. Probably chalk full of meaning, but I think I'll just enjoy the oddities and not over analyse it.

Jules :OD


SIMON said...

Love the detail in the oddity. So well related. Great post, I loved it!!

Jules said...

Hahaha, it was a really funny dream. :)

Tys on Ice said...

To dream of seeing your own feet, is omnious{sic} of despair. You will be overcome by the will and temper of another"

personally I think the night must have been pretty cold and ur feet must have been uncovered.

yep. thats me. wet blanket