Friday, April 29, 2011

Me and Politics?? Well, I never!! ;)

Okay, so I do vote, and when it comes time to vote, I study what it is I'm supposed to be voting for... at least to some degree. I want to make an informed decision. After I vote, I sort of lose interest in politics again and generally tune it out until the next election. So maybe i'm a bad citizen for being this way. Maybe it's time to wake up and stay tuned into what's happening in Canada.

I don't know. I might be pissing off alot of people by posting this video clip, but if you're a Canadian who's going to be voting on Monday May 2nd, you really should make it your business to watch stuff like this from the different platforms. Tonight I've been studying the NDP platform and getting to know Jack Layton. I really am liking what he stands for and what he says he's going to do. And I really like it when I see a Politician be REAL. So give this video a watch. What do you think... want to put into power someone who really gets it this time? Someone more genuine who actually gives a flip?

Jack Layton: Make the Politician Work

I haven't fully decided who I'll vote for yet, but I have to say, maybe it's time for this sort of change. After you read the video, stay on the site and see if his platform appeals to what you think are important factors needing change in Canada. Then move on and compare the Tories and the Liberals and see what you like best. Which glove fits for you?

Jules :O?

Let's not get all hairy about this post...

Today I want to talk about hair.

What is it about hair that makes it gross, exactly? I was laying in the tub the other night and was noticing how pretty my pubic hair looked with bubbles in it. It's the first time in a long time that I've left any length to it. It's about a half an inch long (but trimmed where it needs to be) right now and it looked nice in the water. You know how hair floats in the water? Ya.. it's pretty and sort of tranquil.

Moving on from my tranquil pubic hair...

I started to wonder what makes hair gross, because I certainly wasn't feeling the grossness factor towards the southern mound while in the bath, but the moment I would happen to spot someone's hair on a toilet seat or the bathroom floor, or even left behind in the drained tub I would totally find that revolting.

Men don't like leg hair and most men don't like armpit hair on women. They'll feel a woman's legs up and down a million times over if the woman has soft hairless stems, but if there's any sandpapery stuble, look out... can we say 10 foot pole?

Women don't love back hair, or too much fur anywhere else on a man, typically speaking. But women tolerate frontal fuzzies way more than backside hair on a guy... so I wondered what makes back hair any different than chest hair, aside from it's unfortunate location? I've been known to even enjoy strumming my fingers through a tuft or two on a man's chest, but put it on the back or buttocks and it's less than desirable. It takes the yummy out of the phrase "yummy butt" if that's all you see when you look at a man's tantilizing tushie.

I can't really talk much about people's pubic preferences. I know some like things to be totally hairfree, while others don't give a flying flick, they're just happy to have access. I guess amongst men and women, this hair acceptance is about 50-50.

Another gross place to find hair is when it's accidentally lodged in a nice steaming hot plate of dinner. A person could enjoy a complete meal and be in love with it, ranting and raving about how good it tastes, but be near to a fit of violent vommitting if they find a hair on the plate or within the last few bites of the food. Restaurants will comp your meal if you complain about that. Let me ask you something. If you go down on somebody, and come back up with a hair in your throat, do you get comped back, or do you just take it out and go back for more playtime? Both are tasty examples that involve hair in the mouth, but both with very different outcomes.

Last summer I was disgusted that I found hair on the top of my own feet and even playfully endured the name "sasquatch" for the day. As soon as I got home I remedied that sitch, tho. But I can look at a man's foot and accept perfectly fine the hair which resides there.

Hair on top of a person's head is often admired and people like to pet it. Yet if a person's hair is thinning or falling out, left in little fluff-puddles in the bathroom floor or found clung to the pillows, it's just suddenly so much less desirable.

Look, all I'm saying is hair is circumstantial, but I'm not really sure why. Oh, I'm guilty of grossing out at it in inappropriate locations, for sure. It's just that my pubic hair self study in the tub the other night made this mind start to wander. Dangerous things happen when this mind starts to wander.

Jules ;O)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's hook up!

Well friends, I'm looking to make a hook up.

Noooo.. not for ME, but I'm in the market to find a wife for my dear friend in Mumbai.

If you're between the ages of 21 - 25, live in or near Mumbai or don't mind relocating to live there, can put together a coherent thought (or even partake in an intellectual conversation), are female, want kids, get excited at the thought of romance and being spoiled rotten, have a sense of humor, are a combination of traditionalism and contemporarianism (is that a word? It is now), and are also in the market for a marriage to a really great man with whom conversation would never run out, forward your name, contact info, blog etc. to me here and I'll pass it on! (Or if you're serious but hesitant to leave your info here, ask me for my email and I'll give it to you).

He's really cute, sweet, funny, charming and so very playful and nice. You'll just love him. Trust me.

Any takers? Come on.. I know I have many readers in that area of the world.. it only takes one man and one woman to make a match for life! And no, I'm not just looking for a free ticket to the wedding because I was the matchmaker. ;)

Jules :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I've been wanting to do this for a while now.

Today is the day I take a moment to just thank you all for coming to see me. Thank you for taking time in your busy hectic days to come read the nonsense (mostly) that is my blog. Thank you for laughing, smiling, crying, getting angry, and basically feeling anything when you read my posts. Thank you for enjoying my photos. Thank you for searching for other things, but happening upon my blog and choosing to come back another time. Heck, maybe you've even added me to your bookmarks or installed my name on your own blog.

You might not know it, but you're all special to me, and I appreciate all of you, regardless of who or where you are. Unless you're a psycopathic killer, and then I'm a little bit scared of you.

How about sometime you make yourself a google profile and come say hello in my comments box? What's life without a few good friends? Blogging is so much fun because it creates this rewarding and dynamic community. How do I really even know you're there to include if you don't say hi?

I'm coming upon my 5th year of blogging in July. I think it's July, anyway. The more people to celebrate that with, the merrier.

So let's make a toast... "Here's to you, invisibles... lurkers... but above all else, twisted minds who enjoy my babble on a semi-daily basis.. You Rock!"

Jules :O)

Monday, April 25, 2011

A pictoral overview...

In order for me to get to the peaceful tranquility that is this:

And to snuggle and have much needed time with this:

I had to go through these: Which was worthwhile because I got to see beautiful things like this:
And do some totally fun and great things like this (thanks for the photo, Thor):
But at the end of it all, I was deeply saddened to have to see this:

I can't wait to go back again this summer. I always have SUCH a wonderful time when I go there and visit with them and do fun things like we do. Everything from our outdoorsy adventures to our cuddles on the floor, it's all just as perfect as I could imagine. Thanks for the awesome way to spend Easter, HB.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have a Happy Easter

I'm taking off for Easter! :) I'll be around again, though, don't you worry. Try not to miss me toooo much, though I know you will. It will help you survive this absence of mine by keeping a box of kleenex handy to catch the weepy tears that stream down your face. Oh, and hey.. I'm still textable, so if you miss me THAT much, I'm just a finger's touch away.


Love Jules xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

love this commercial

Lord, love a duck!! Will my showers be that exciting if I buy the Delta? Does the showerhead come with the personal body painting artist, cuz if so, that would be quite fun!!

Find the commmercial for Delta Showerhead on YouTube.

That's about all I have to say about that.

Jules :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

... and moaning doesn't count!

Why is it that women can't make the same cool sound effects as men? Or rather girls vs boys, because I'm sure this is a talent that is developed as a child and kept as a skill as you move into adulthood.

My son doesn't think I'm as cool as his dad partly because I can't make all the cool sound effects that they make when they battle togther with action figures and whatnot. I try, but literally all mine come out sounding limp and lame. My boy can make all kinds of sounds. Machine gun, water sounds, chugging, bombing, lazers, the swish of a sword, landing a punch noise, how to die properly, squishing noises, squeals and sighs, things that sound swishy like bat wings... I mean, he's a pro and he's only 5.

Maybe I should have gone to sound effects school the minute my baby came out a boy so I'd have a good 4 or 5 years headstart on learning how to manipulate my mouth, tongue and throat in such a way that it would stand up in any battle.

The other thing I wish I could do was one of those really loud finger whistles. I can whistle normally with my lips, but stick a finger or two in there and all of a sudden I'm just passing gas rather than a sweet or sharp melody! Somebody please teach me how to do this. It would come in handy when my son's a mile ahead of me on his scooter and can't hear me yelling "STOP!" He's whistle trained as it is. I bet if I could do that I might actually impress him for once.

Jules :O

Thursday, April 07, 2011

sex, toys and suction cups?

See, I've been horny lately and my boyf is too far away. So tonight... well basically all damn day, I've found myself wondering if there are blow up dolls for women. But then I was wondering how that would work, really. Obviously I'd have to ride on top, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl... and how boring would that get after a while. Unless of course they make them with heavy duty suction cups on their backs and asses and you can attach them to the wall, or prop them up in some other ways. Hmmm, I might actually be onto something. Should I patent that and become known for my kick ass suction blow up doll? I'd go and look myself online for the answer to this, but I don't make a habit of surfing for sex stuff online. If I want to buy a toy I go scout out the local sex shops, or wait till one of my girlfriends throws a sex party.

I think this is on my mind moreso today because a) I'm missing my boyf and b) the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show is in town this weekend and I think I'll have to go take a peek on Saturday evening. Before you go assuming that I'll be going to watch people with whips and chains having sex on a rotating bed.. you would be partially right. There will be whips, chains and bedding there.. but nobody has sex. I went one other time and it's basically just a grandios sex toy store with some sexy entertainment on the side. I went once, the first year it came here and it was a little bit lame, but I still had a good time trying things and licking other things and buzzing here and there. I even let some demonstrator tie me up to this wheel spin thingy (and he tied me tight) and spun me around and around (vertically) until I just about threw up. Really..? People do that for sex amusement, I wondered?

Anyway.. I guess I'll be horny for a while. Look out drawer of vibrators. You'll be visited frequently.

Jules :OP

Monday, April 04, 2011

eating a little Indian...

Tys wanted me to try some good Indian home cooking, so tonight I had the opportunity to oblige. I followed it exactly, well.. as exactly as I could, not fully knowing what slit green chilis means. I think I did that? Anyway, here's the photo of mine and the recipe (it looked quite a bit more yellow on my plate. My review is at the bottom.
take a saucepan.
chop some (1) onions, slit some (2) green chilis.
open a can of tuna drain the water.
have one cup of rice, washed and ready.
now the cooking.
heat oil in a pan, saute the onion, add the chilis, add a pinch of tumeric and salt to taste.
once the thingy is golden in color, add the tuna chunks, just roll it in without breaking the tuna.
now add the rice and pour 2 cups of water.
stir the whole thing slighty and then leave to simmer in low flame... read a book or say hello to mr.vibrator
come back to kitchen to check on cooked rice (clue: the water would have all steamed and the rice will be slightly wet and there will be some steam vents on the rice)..
switch off the gas, cover the pan let it cool for a bit..
now grab a plate, pile on the tuna rice, add some pickles and enjoy..
It's easy to put together, assuming you have green chilis and tumeric. I borrowed the tumeric from my sister. I totally enjoyed the meal, but I might have put too much spice into the recipe... I may have added a little bit much simmering with Mr. Magic. I have to say I did have a healthy serving of that and it made for weak knees as I stood stirring the rice. Does it matter if you come to the dinner table with messy hair? ;P

I texted my boyf to say "my lips are on fire!" and he texted back "they always are!" *giggle* I just thought I'd add that in because it really made me smile. I wondered which pair he was talking about cuz technically since I followed the recipe exactly, both sets were feeling hot.

Thank you for the delicious dish, Tys! Next time I'll handle the chilis more carefully.. I sort of burned my fingers while I was taking out the seeds! Jules :O)

pockets and such...


Is it just me, or is it just a tad bit insane and outrageous that the makers of my son's jacket put an internal pocket marked with a cell phone and ipod on it? My son is 5. The coat is a size 4.

Granted, when I bought it, the coat went up to a size 8 or 9.. but still.. who the heck is letting their 5 - 10 year old have a cell phone?

Suddenly I feel like an old fashioned parent... but tell me, am I wrong here? Cuz i was sort of thinking my kid wouldn't get a phone until he was at least 16, to go along with his driver's license incase of an emergency. And I'm sure as heck hoping that he's bigger than a size 9 by the time he hits that age.

Jules :O?

Sunday, April 03, 2011

happiness in color

It's just that bubbles entice me so much.

I was laying there in my nightly concoction of water, apple cider vinegar and Jason Tea Tree bath and shower gel and while it doesn't have the most delicious scent, I need to do this for a while.

I was looking at the bubbly topper on my water and I became entranced by the little pockets of air. I found myself trying to understand what the deal is with me and bubbles. I came to the conclusion that there is a direct correlation between them and color and how that excites me.

Each and every single little tiny bubble, in its fantasticness, contains a prism of spectacular color, or at the very least a reflection of light that gives off 2 or 3 colors minimum. Often, though, I can see the whole rainbow just sitting there thousands of times in front of me.

And then I looked from a different perspective. I laid down farther in the water with my eyes closer to water level and some the bubbles turned to silver. A foamy metallic airy mesh that covered the top of the water wherever it was just a single layer. The silver shone brightly in spots and in others where the bubbles were thicker there were still rainbows. It was totally a feast for my eyes.

Amongst all the stressors, disappointments, sorrows we all feel some of on a daily basis... what is there in life if every once in a while you don't stop to enjoy the vividity of it all when it's clearly sitting there in front of you? Just keep your eyes open, and you'll find something akin to my bubbles that works to make you feel happy, even if just for a moment.

Jules :Oj