Wednesday, April 13, 2011

... and moaning doesn't count!

Why is it that women can't make the same cool sound effects as men? Or rather girls vs boys, because I'm sure this is a talent that is developed as a child and kept as a skill as you move into adulthood.

My son doesn't think I'm as cool as his dad partly because I can't make all the cool sound effects that they make when they battle togther with action figures and whatnot. I try, but literally all mine come out sounding limp and lame. My boy can make all kinds of sounds. Machine gun, water sounds, chugging, bombing, lazers, the swish of a sword, landing a punch noise, how to die properly, squishing noises, squeals and sighs, things that sound swishy like bat wings... I mean, he's a pro and he's only 5.

Maybe I should have gone to sound effects school the minute my baby came out a boy so I'd have a good 4 or 5 years headstart on learning how to manipulate my mouth, tongue and throat in such a way that it would stand up in any battle.

The other thing I wish I could do was one of those really loud finger whistles. I can whistle normally with my lips, but stick a finger or two in there and all of a sudden I'm just passing gas rather than a sweet or sharp melody! Somebody please teach me how to do this. It would come in handy when my son's a mile ahead of me on his scooter and can't hear me yelling "STOP!" He's whistle trained as it is. I bet if I could do that I might actually impress him for once.

Jules :O


The Grunt said...

My mom never tried that much and when she did it just sounded lame. Sorry, but I think women aren't dorky enough to obsess about what a car or laser cannon should sound like.

SIMON said...

They say the devil is in a woman that whistles, but leaving that aside, I think it's wrong to whistle kids like dogs!!
As to the other noises, I think you are right - Mom's just aren't supposed to do them, simple - It's boys stuff!! Even 5 year olds know that!!

Tys on Ice said...

get over it...let some things be...

tell u the truth, i cant do the finger whistle either, so if hes standing too far and cant hear me when i say stop, i just throw something at him..

its kinda worrying that he chases it.

Jules said...

Grunty - You are probably right. Women aren't dorky enough. ;)

Si - Good thing you're not here then cuz I whistle at Nate to get his attention all the time. I don't think I have the devil in me either.. just a bit of fire maybe.

Tys - Ohhh, the throwing something at him approach. I'll have to try that. LOL