Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's hook up!

Well friends, I'm looking to make a hook up.

Noooo.. not for ME, but I'm in the market to find a wife for my dear friend in Mumbai.

If you're between the ages of 21 - 25, live in or near Mumbai or don't mind relocating to live there, can put together a coherent thought (or even partake in an intellectual conversation), are female, want kids, get excited at the thought of romance and being spoiled rotten, have a sense of humor, are a combination of traditionalism and contemporarianism (is that a word? It is now), and are also in the market for a marriage to a really great man with whom conversation would never run out, forward your name, contact info, blog etc. to me here and I'll pass it on! (Or if you're serious but hesitant to leave your info here, ask me for my email and I'll give it to you).

He's really cute, sweet, funny, charming and so very playful and nice. You'll just love him. Trust me.

Any takers? Come on.. I know I have many readers in that area of the world.. it only takes one man and one woman to make a match for life! And no, I'm not just looking for a free ticket to the wedding because I was the matchmaker. ;)

Jules :)


Tys on Ice said...

nothing to contribute here

Jules said...

yet you still commented to let me know you didn't have a comment. Awww.. you DO care.. ;P

SIMON said...

But maybe you could get an invite if it was to work!!!
Now if it was to work - quite a good business - matchmaking..... mmmm let me see now!

Jules said...

A matchmaking business would be fun.. I could host speed dating things. That sort of thing is lacking in RD.