Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's not get all hairy about this post...

Today I want to talk about hair.

What is it about hair that makes it gross, exactly? I was laying in the tub the other night and was noticing how pretty my pubic hair looked with bubbles in it. It's the first time in a long time that I've left any length to it. It's about a half an inch long (but trimmed where it needs to be) right now and it looked nice in the water. You know how hair floats in the water? Ya.. it's pretty and sort of tranquil.

Moving on from my tranquil pubic hair...

I started to wonder what makes hair gross, because I certainly wasn't feeling the grossness factor towards the southern mound while in the bath, but the moment I would happen to spot someone's hair on a toilet seat or the bathroom floor, or even left behind in the drained tub I would totally find that revolting.

Men don't like leg hair and most men don't like armpit hair on women. They'll feel a woman's legs up and down a million times over if the woman has soft hairless stems, but if there's any sandpapery stuble, look out... can we say 10 foot pole?

Women don't love back hair, or too much fur anywhere else on a man, typically speaking. But women tolerate frontal fuzzies way more than backside hair on a guy... so I wondered what makes back hair any different than chest hair, aside from it's unfortunate location? I've been known to even enjoy strumming my fingers through a tuft or two on a man's chest, but put it on the back or buttocks and it's less than desirable. It takes the yummy out of the phrase "yummy butt" if that's all you see when you look at a man's tantilizing tushie.

I can't really talk much about people's pubic preferences. I know some like things to be totally hairfree, while others don't give a flying flick, they're just happy to have access. I guess amongst men and women, this hair acceptance is about 50-50.

Another gross place to find hair is when it's accidentally lodged in a nice steaming hot plate of dinner. A person could enjoy a complete meal and be in love with it, ranting and raving about how good it tastes, but be near to a fit of violent vommitting if they find a hair on the plate or within the last few bites of the food. Restaurants will comp your meal if you complain about that. Let me ask you something. If you go down on somebody, and come back up with a hair in your throat, do you get comped back, or do you just take it out and go back for more playtime? Both are tasty examples that involve hair in the mouth, but both with very different outcomes.

Last summer I was disgusted that I found hair on the top of my own feet and even playfully endured the name "sasquatch" for the day. As soon as I got home I remedied that sitch, tho. But I can look at a man's foot and accept perfectly fine the hair which resides there.

Hair on top of a person's head is often admired and people like to pet it. Yet if a person's hair is thinning or falling out, left in little fluff-puddles in the bathroom floor or found clung to the pillows, it's just suddenly so much less desirable.

Look, all I'm saying is hair is circumstantial, but I'm not really sure why. Oh, I'm guilty of grossing out at it in inappropriate locations, for sure. It's just that my pubic hair self study in the tub the other night made this mind start to wander. Dangerous things happen when this mind starts to wander.

Jules ;O)


Tys on Ice said...

since it was in my linage that the last of the neantredal turned into humans, iam pretty hairy...infact , if it wasnt for the marvellous gillette, u wud be visiting me in a zoo or perhaps catching glimpses of me while i go to visit my folks in north america..

but u never girls..sometimes its easier to understand what u r talking abt when its accompanied with pictures.

Jules said...

I'd pay to go see you in a zoo.

Sorry about not taking pics.. but do you really need to see floating pubic hair full of bubbles? I doubt it would be as fascinating to anyone else as it was to me. lol

Quiet Paths said...

LOL! hair is so personal. It's icky otherwise and in food.... unacceptable. Thanks for the smiles.

Jules said...

Yes, hair really is a personal thing. What some like, others don't and vice versa. But two places it should never be are in food and sitting in a drained tub. That just grosses me out. Or on a toilet seat. Ick.

SIMON said...

The hair in the mouth is so true - love it and hate it, yes all very personal but there's nothing else that people change their opinions about so radically.

Jules said...

I think you're probably right, what's good for some is just bad for others. Tolerance levels vary with everyone, I guess. We are a funny breed.