Friday, April 29, 2011

Me and Politics?? Well, I never!! ;)

Okay, so I do vote, and when it comes time to vote, I study what it is I'm supposed to be voting for... at least to some degree. I want to make an informed decision. After I vote, I sort of lose interest in politics again and generally tune it out until the next election. So maybe i'm a bad citizen for being this way. Maybe it's time to wake up and stay tuned into what's happening in Canada.

I don't know. I might be pissing off alot of people by posting this video clip, but if you're a Canadian who's going to be voting on Monday May 2nd, you really should make it your business to watch stuff like this from the different platforms. Tonight I've been studying the NDP platform and getting to know Jack Layton. I really am liking what he stands for and what he says he's going to do. And I really like it when I see a Politician be REAL. So give this video a watch. What do you think... want to put into power someone who really gets it this time? Someone more genuine who actually gives a flip?

Jack Layton: Make the Politician Work

I haven't fully decided who I'll vote for yet, but I have to say, maybe it's time for this sort of change. After you read the video, stay on the site and see if his platform appeals to what you think are important factors needing change in Canada. Then move on and compare the Tories and the Liberals and see what you like best. Which glove fits for you?

Jules :O?


don said...

I can't load that video on my slow internet connection, but I was listening to a piece on CBC radio about getting young people in Canada interested in voting. We have the same problem here in the states.

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Thanks Jules, your visits are always very welcome!

We Italians when it comes to politics we are being bad, unfortunately there is a man who has managed to charm most of the voters, and the spell continues!

A hug dear

Jules said...

Don - Thanks for trying to look at it.. it is worth looking at, if you ever feel like it and have a faster connection. I think the new trend is that the younger people are starting to get into the politics more and more now. I'll try to raise NAte so he "gets" government and politics. :)

Marlow - Do I call you Marlow or Iva? Thanks for the hug. I guess if there's one man, and he's not all that bad, then that makes politics easy!

SIMON said...

Yeah we voted today.... but very well done for taking an interest because I know you lose interest about politics very quickly.

Jules said...

Thanks Si.. I tried, anyway. :)