Monday, May 02, 2011

Flathead Lake, Montana

If you're driving in Montana, you've got to stop into one of the darling little towns along the perimeter of Flathead Lake. Usually I drive down the west side of the lake, but this time on my way home I drove up along the east side and then cut across it's northern end. There's a few places to stop and pull over, get out and stretch or take a pic like this one (It's better if you enlarge it). The large island in the middle there is Wildhorse Island. It looks completely different from this vantage point than I'm used to and much smaller from the east side of the lake. The water mirrored the ultra blue sky so perfectly here and it smelled fresh, like the world around it was waking up from winter.

This is definately a lake to check out if you're heading into Montana.

Jules :)


Quiet Paths said...

You've captured it perfectly. Have you ever been on Wildhorse? By canoe or kayak is the best.

Jules said...

Thank you QP. I've been on Wildhorse hiking twice now and boated around it as well. It's awesome. :) I'll have to try it in the kayak next time..

SIMON said...

Beautiful picture, beautiful spot! Nice one Jules!

Jules said...

Si - and that's just a a small view of this giant beast of a lake. It's really pretty/serene there.