Wednesday, May 11, 2011

happy moment

When I became separated, I was wearing a size 20 pant. I was miserable, feeling unloved and worthless and I became an emotional eater. While I still tend to eat when I'm upset, I have a much greater handle on the situation now. I've been through health issues quite a bit and they had sometimes prevented me from being active. Or maybe I just used them as an excuse.

But today is a much different story. I've gone from 200lbs and a size 20 (I think I even owned a pair of jeans that was a size 22 all the way down to a size 10 at 162 lbs. Almost 40 lbs lighter and that many sizes. I think I can begin to consider this a success story. I'll be happy when I can wear a size 8, I think, or weigh about 140lbs. It's all been done through understanding proper nutrition and a LOT of sweat and hard work. No shortcuts.

When I went into Old Navy tonight to find some shorts, I spotted this pair of jeans in a size 12. Tried them on, they were too big. Asked the girl to go get me a size 10 and I swear to God Almighty that I nearly broke down and cried tears of happiness when they fit me so perfectly! I have been trying to get into 10's before I go to Toronto in June and it looks like that has become a reality. Now, I don't think I'm a "true 10" yet. I think I'm going to be fluctuating between 12 and 10 for a little bit, but if I keep up the proper eating, and maintain at least 3 days a week of vigorous exercise, I should get there. I'm really proud of myself.

As proud of myself as I am feeling right now, I have to mention that I couldn't have done this without the support of my beautiful sister who's nearing phase 1 of a weight loss goal herself, my boyfriend who is always so encouraging, and my friends and family who all tell me that I'm looking good. When you're struggling with weight, it's imperative to have people around you who help rather than hinder. That sort of sounded like an acceptance speech at some awards ceremony. LOL

I've still got to work on my bouncy bootie, hips and stomach the most. The rest is all coming off nicely but those areas are stubborn.

So that's it. I just needed to share. I'll post another when I reach that 140lb mark.

Jules :O)


Sara said...

SO PROUD OF YOU.... I would cry tears of jubilation if I could ever wear a size 10 again... even a size 12 would make me happy

The Grunt said...

Right on! My weight since chemo has been up and down. There has been all sorts of stress, as you know, and when that happens you aren't as aware of how you are abusing/neglecting your body. So, for you to get to this point after all that you have been through is great.

don said...

That's pretty awesome! Although I have no idea what a size 10 is..

SIMON said...

Well it should sound like an acceptance speech for the most wonderful award ever.
You've done a fantastic job, even though you have always looked terrific, you've never given up and looks like you are not going to, any time soon, either!!
Awesome job!!!!

Shell said...

You are doing so great Jules! I can't wait until we both reach our goals. Plus, the more you keep losing, the more clothes I get! haha!

Keep on rocking it!

Jules said...

thanks everyone! your support's so nice to have.

Shell, now that we are doing Zumba, I'm for sure rocking it...