Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I'm guessing there's just a little bit of hypocrite in all of us (some people live their lives this way constantly, other's just a smidge). As I was relaxing in the tub again I was pondering this. And then as I reached south, I realized I'm definately a hypocrite. So I thought I'd make a list of things that make me so.

I'm a hypocrite because:

I'm always telling my son to keep his hands off his penis, but give me the chance to drop trou and 3 guesses where my fingers wander to.

I'm always telling people to exercise and eat right, but last week I only exercised once and allowed myself to eat pizza and some breakfast wraps from Tim Hortons.

I tell my loved ones to keep their nails trim (especially their toenails) and then realize that a month's gone by without cutting or re-polishing mine.

I notice when other people's houses aren't clean and then see that I can sometimes actually write things in the dust on my entertainment center, see... (I know, it's gross)

I'm not sure what else I'm guilty of being hypocritical of... but hey.. the curtain had to close sometime on this being that you all imagined to be perfection. LOL!

What are you hypocritical about?

Jules :Ogiggle)


sara said...

thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week-I've been by yours now a few times but hadn't taken the time to comment back-so here we go! Now I have to go think about what I'm hypocritical about-because I know there has to be something (or some things!)

SIMON said...

Yeah we are all hypocritical but it takes a lot to admit it!! Maybe just maybe being hypocritical is part of the perfect person.......

Jules said...

Sara - Hi! Welcome to my blog! Here's your free ((HUG)) just for letting me know you're here. I didn't realize I was such a hypocrite, but I think maybe my things aren't too detrimental. LOL Hope to see you again soon.

Si - Oh then maybe I AM perfect afterall, since I admitted it!