Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Long Weekend Mountain Trip

We are such lucky people when we can travel a relatively short distance and be surrounded by such amazing beauty. The Rocky Mountains are just tremendous, and no matter how often I go see them, I never get tired of looking at their jaw dropping beauty. These photos are from my weekend getaway with my "gorgeous in all ways" boyf. He only enhanced the enchanting Kootenay National Park. Again we stayed in Radium Hot Springs at the Village Country Inn, but we took in the whole park, basically from just south of the Continental Divide to Panorama. If you get the chance, explore the Rockies. Whether you're viewing them from their east side or west side, from Canada or the United States, they just don't disappoint!

The beautiful, crystal clear and crisp Vermilion River, fed by the Simpson River in Kootenay National Park, just north of Numa Falls.

You can go to a place called "Paint Pots" and explore a very colorful natural spring location where Indigenous Tribes once used this naturally occurring yellow mineral water to paint stones, teepees and clothing. I recommend wearing shoes you don't mind getting muddy and stained. You can also go the other direction here and see Marble Canyon, but we didn't do that this time around.

The Paint Pots are 3 natural pools of mineral water, each containing a different pigment - yellow, green and turquoise that all vary in size. Here's a reflection in the yellow pool.

The view on the way back to the parking lot, looking south down the Vermilion River.

The same mountain range from the first photo, but I thought I'd make it black and white. It's really quite a dramatic mountain. I wish I knew what the names of all the mountains were. Apparently it takes 40 years for a fire ravished forest to regrow.

It's always an incredible time when we go here. But watch out for animals on the sides of the roads as you drive through, as Kootenay National Park doesn't have a retaining fence of any kind like Banff National Park does to keep them away from the road. On average, you'll see between 15 - 30 white tailed deer and likely some elk or moose as well. In Radium, you will inevitably be greeted by the local bighorn sheep. It seems like a lost trip if you don't spot at least one of those while you stay there.

So if you're looking for something to do this spring/summer/autumn I don't hesitate to recommend exploring the National Parks of the Rockies.

Jules :Owow!


don said...

I guess they finally just gave up on farming after they got the plow stuck..

Jules said...

LOL! I can't imagine they ever were able to grow anything there.. but I guess one never knows until one tries. I wonder if the steer was sucked under into the mud and still is there today. You were probably walking on it.

SIMON said...

Beautiful images once again. Everyone who has that kind of natural beauty so close just has to be 'right in there' "living it".
Nice one Jules!

Jules said...

Si- just seems to be one of those things I can't get enough of.