Thursday, May 05, 2011

So this is what anger feels like.. hmmm...

Stupid m-effing antivirus software. I've had McAfee on my laptop since I got it and it's been running daily scans and doing daily updates and always everything came back clear. 3 days ago, an error message came about that said that it could not do updates, but that everything was still showing free of viruses. It told me to contact McAfee support for assistance with the problem. So this morning I did.

The first technician took control of my laptop remotely and did a bunch of stuff and was unable to solve the problem. When he went to restart my system, we got disconnected. He removed my antivirus software completely and then I was told he'd be reinstalling it. He disappeared but I had the software there ready for reinstallation. I tried to install it but there was a new error message preventing me from being able to reinstall it at all! I logged into to helpdesk again, and the second person took remote control as well. He wasn't able to find a solution, so he patched me into technician #3. Tech 3 did a few things remotely and told me that I have a virus that's preventing my system from reinstalling the software at all. He gave me a number to call for virus removal and when he said it would cost me $89.95 to remove it, I scoffed and made a stink and said that I shouldn't have to pay anything for something that I didn't even know was a threat to my system because their faulty software didn't ever detect it on the daily scans! So he comped me the virus removal and gave me a number to call and an order number to avoid payment.

I paused to go get Nate and then when I got home, I tried to call. Number cannot be connected. Please make sure you are dialing correctly and try again. And again, and again.. a dozen times. No success. So I thought I'd just try to get onto the virus removal technician online instead. I had to enter a credit card to proceed and when I did that, it took me straight to a fucking satisfaction survey, charged my card the $90 and didn't even give me the option of chatting with a tech!!!

So back online I go to the original helpdesk, now to complain about the virus, the charge to my credit card and the lack of their ability to resolve a problem. I get a level 1 tech, couldn't help me, and he passed me back on to the same level 2 tech that gave me the phone number. This is FOUR bloody hours later of making ZERO progress!!

Well. Within reason, I sort of lost if on the last guy. I was tired of being fucked around with, passed back and forth, and having nobody do anything but apologize for any inconvenience. Don't apologize, FIX IT! When I came to you originally, at least I still had virus software, you totally deleted it and now it won't reinstall at all. No protection.

So I demanded that I receive my full money back for their product AND that I am not charged for the faulty system which took my credit card number and charged me for basically completing their effing survey. I said that I wanted nothing to do with their product and that I'd go find some better virus software that actually would alert me to a viral attack and quarantine it until I could figure out what to do with it. I mean, McAfee didn't even alert me to the possibility of there being a threat! WTF was I paying for protection for if they offered none?!

I got my money all reimbursed and a ton of apologies (including myself because I felt badly for coming a bit unglued on the guy) later and I've still got this virus, no software, and no solution.

I called a local company, he's going to do a full diagnostic and remove the virus, and for a lot cheaper than McAfee was about to charge me. But not till Saturday morning. So I guess I won't be surfing around much till I get it back and it's protected again. The whole thing just cheezes me off so much, because I don't surf "risky" sites or anything. I guess you just never know what's happening behind the scenes.. but that's what this type of fucking software is supposed to be there for.

What is the best anti-virus software out there?

Jules {:Ogrrr/


The Grunt said...

No porn and free music for you. I am with the same security system and now you got me thinking about switching. I've heard good things about Norton.

SIMON said...

The problem is that a lot of these things that happen to our comps are not wholly viral, but merely loops that take control! It may be that if it had been fully viral it would have been picked up.
McAfee are not good when problems arise but you can do a lot worse than the free AVG, which becomes one of the very best if you pay for it.