Sunday, May 29, 2011

Warm Sunday

Sometimes the nicest places to go for an afternoon of nature are just about right in your back yard. Or at least, within city limits. I didn't have my camera with me, but my cell camera does in a pinch. We spent a few hours at McKenzie Trails and with the bright hues of nature and the brilliantly blue sky, it made for a really peaceful and enjoyable time together. My son was riding his scooter, I was speed walking to keep up. We stopped to feed some geese some dandelion heads (I didn't even know they ate those) and cuddled on a bench and listened to the sounds of nature and the music the water played as it danced upon the shoreline, the after affects of geese marking their territorial boundaries with one another as they chased each other in the pond. Sadly, my son's sandals gave him a blister and that put a rather abrupt end to the trip. So home we went to run barefoot through the sprinkler instead. What a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Don't forget what beauty lies within your own city limits.. stop and take it in. It will help you to recenter yourself, gain clarity and renew your spirit.

Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

You look all warm and sunny! You live in a beautiful area. I know that the mountains just west of Calgary are spectacular. BTW, the mountains where I live got a foot of new snow last night.

don said...

Wow! nice pics.

SIMON said...

You do live in a beautiful area but all of us should look closely at our local environs and soak it all up. We live on a beautiful planet!!
Recentre, gain clarity and renew your spirit...... lovely line. Nice one!

Jules said...

Grunty - Red Deer really is a pretty city. I feel lucky to call it home. Snow? Yes, the ones west of Calgary got some last week too.

Don - Aw! Thank you! I love it when people "wow" at me.

Si - It's important to remind people about the natural beauties that surround us. England was stunning but in a totally different way.