Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Here's something you don't likely know about me.

Whenever I pass by an accident scene, see an ambulance with it's lights flashing, eye the air ambulance flying somewhere... even when I see roadkill.. I do the whole "God Bless" thing forming the holy cross on my body. I figure that if by chance there's nobody else praying for that soul, the very least I can do is offer a simple God Bless. Maybe it will help that soul get to where it needs to be, or stay where it's at. If I'm with other people, I don't do the cross thing, but I still do the bless thing inside my head. He knows what I'm talking about/thinking.

So see? There's more to this girl than just the passionate horny outspoken chick that you thought existed. I run much deeper than that.

Jules ;O)


The Grunt said...

So, do you do the whole thing in Latin?

Jules said...

haha.. no.. I think He'll still get it in English, right?

Tys on Ice said...

kinda always knew that

SIMON said...

Told you that you were some kind of special but you never listened!!

Jules said...

Tys - am I that transparent?

Si - I listen to everything....... ;)