Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blissful Birthday

Just had a really spectacular family weekend with my boys.. Thor came up and shared in the weekend before my birthday.. together as a little family unit. I've never seen my son be as hyper yet as content as he was this weekend, to be honest. Full of excitement to play and explore and share things with Thor, proudly displaying and introducing him to his friends at school, inching his way into cuddles. I mean, the whole thing almost reduced me to tears so many times. A picnic in the park as a family.. where I wasn't the only one with the soul responsibility of having to gently discipline. Just really, I can't say enough for how it melted my heart. Thank you Thor, and thanks to my little boy too.. it was a perfect weekend. And it was made even better by the fact that it didn't make my son all teary when today came and Thor had to go home, yet left him saying "You know Mom.. wouldn't it be nice if Thor could come back again tomorrow and stay?" as I tucked him into bed. I guess it's pretty successful if a lasting impression has been made without creating too big of hole in his heart, as there were no tears involved, just a loving smile. I think the word to sum it up for me is "magical".

Thor gave me this beautiful watch for my birthday, to wear with my snazzy outfits when I go to Toronto, and just to dress up anything I put on around here. I love it. I've never had a dress watch before. It saddens me that I'll have to take it off to shower. It's silver and has a pink face on it. Just beautiful, and worth a thousand kisses and smiles. He knows my taste perfectly (or else he flukes out each time he adorns me). ;)

Thankfully we'll get to see each other in a few weeks again. I can not wait! We'll be celebrating a one year anniversary already! Time really does fly when you're involved in a good thing.

In the meantime.. I'm really looking forward to a quick trip to Toronto with my sister soon!! I'm sure I'll have about a half dozen posts to rave about that when back from there. For now it's all about getting ready to go and trying to tame my heartbeats from the knowledge that I will actually meet Vivek Oberoi and possibly Shah Rukh Khan and Arshad Warsi!!!! Thank you sister for the VIP pass!! Woot! Excellent b-day present!

Right now it's time for a soak in the tub.

Jules :Odreamysmile)


SIMON said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend with another one coming up in Toronto.
You go girl!!
ps. What's the time? LOL!

Tys on Ice said...

happy birthday jules...ur son is right, wudnt it be nice?...felt a tug when i read that...

have a great year ahead.

Jules said...

Si - yes, it really was fantastic! That's be `12:15pm! ;P

Tys - Thank you P. Yes, my son is right. I can dream that dreams come true...