Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Orchids, being my #1 favorite flower, catch my attention every time I pass by one. I can't resist stopping to take a shot like this one. Of course they come in about 1000 different varieties, so choosing one would be quite a process. But now I have my very own duo sitting inside my house! So stunning. I'm really overjoyed to have them as an addition to my home. I hope I can keep them alive! It'd be a shame to not be able to keep something alive that I've wanted for sooo long. I recall Pauline having one in her house that she said she barely paid attention to and it just kept itself in perma-bloom state. So they can't be that hard to care for. Must not forget to water, actually, I have to look up how to care for them, since they're plants and not cut flowers. Just so beautiful.... :) I'm a very happy girl today!

Jules :Owow!


SIMON said...

Thank you for recalling that!! Though it may not be foolproof and as a safeguard you should look up how to look after them!!
Beautiful duo by the way.

Shell said...

very pretty flowers.

Jules said...

Si - I recall things of England and the people there all the time. I haven't killed them yet, so far so good.

Shell - Thanks!