Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IIFA's in Toronto, Day 2

Day 2 in Toronto was really chill. We took out time getting ready in the morning, didn't head out until it was about 11am, I think. It was going to be a day of wandering around TO, stalking the celebs and checking out the outdoor activities at Rogers Center. The grid in TO is really easy to understand and I never felt lost at all. Here's a little yard sale sign that we spotted that made us all laugh. Totally should have gone to check out the sexiness of it... but we didn't.

Instead, we had a quick lunch and then headed over to the small Raj Kapoor exhibit. They were playing an old black and white film (sorry, I'm not sure what it was called) and you could get your face superimposed on a photo of a scene from one of his movies, with or without him. I sat and posed, but the camera was broken or something. It was taking fuzzy photos. We could have purchased them, but she urged us to come back when the camera was fixed.

From there we ended up walking a ways down to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. It's a landmark building, very lavish inside with grand chandelier's, winding staircases, dark elaborate wood everywhere, velvet seats, etc. We 3 hung around dodging the security people asking for proof of staying at the hotel, like little papparazzi waiting to catch a glimpse of any stars. Filmi Girl had the possibility of an interview with Arshad Warsi, so we were waiting to see if that panned out. Sadly, it didn't. :( But we made it up to the 19th floor where only the press is supposed to go. :) I love this photo, check out our reflections.

From there we went to the Rogers Center where there was supposed to be all sorts of things going on. There was a travelling bhangara band that kept growing and growing as the day progressed. I loved the sounds of the dohl drums. Is it dohl? I think so.

There were two stages like this set up with entertainment as well. Not as big of crowds as I expected to see here, but that's because there were hundreds of people lined up along the road where all the stars were supposed to roam down to enter the building, the "green carpet" instead of the red carpet. I heard that some people spent the night down there in order to get a good spot for viewing all the celebs.

Here's us having a great time listening to the comedy and vocals. Shortly after this photo, we headed back towards the hotel. Stopped at a pub for a bite to eat and then went to get ourselves all dolled up for the actual IIFA's!

And here we are! We arrived at 7, and the awards were majorly late starting. I didn't look at the clock (I was nodding off), but I think they started around 9pm or so. They went until 2:15am!! We were sitting in our seats for like 7 hours... talk about SORE legs, hips, feet... ugh. Mostly I really enjoyed the awards, but I could have done without the extra hour and a half of shout outs to Torontonians for being so awesome, and the "keep the earth green" award stuff.

Here's what I looked like. This churidar kameez cost me too much (I paid the white girl price) but it was worth it. I felt like a little princess there, and I think the Indian people appreciated the fact that my sis and I were wearing traditional clothing to this event. I regret not putting on a bindi though.

The entertainment was really great, I thought. There were about I dunno.. 6 or 7 dance numbers? The songs and the dance are such a huge part of the films, and I really enjoyed seeing them done live. I did vote on who I wanted to win each category, so it was cool to be there and see if my votes made a difference. The list of winners is at this website if you're interested. I wish Hrithik, Shahid, and Akshay and Saif would have been there, and Aishwaria.. and Amitab and Abishek. There are probably others I'd have loved to see live, but I'm pathetic when it comes to names of entertainers.

At the end of the night, it was time for Shah to do his number, but because of a fudged knee, he was unable to full out dance. Still, not wanting to disappoint his audience, he performed this little comedic satyr of how some of the popular dance moves were invented. I thought it was really entertaining and I appreciated him putting out the effort, despite the pain he must have been in with his messed up knee.

By the end of the night, i'd dozed off a few times (mostly during the lifetime achievement awards), and I thought I had to just go home and sleep after it was over, but then I got a second wind while we were dodging drunk people puking on the way home. LOL I never felt unsafe, the police presence was huge. I ended up getting a second wind and wanted to go out to a club called "Ultra" that an Indian lady recommended earlier in the day, but alas, it was nearly 3am, and really we weren't sure if the club was going to be open much longer anyway. So we went back and crashed. I was way too wound up to sleep though.

Been trying to upload some videos that I took at the awards, but they're taking forever on youtube. So I guess that will be a post in the future sometime.

It was a stellar day 2 in Toronto. Thanks again Filmi Girl and Shell's Bollyworld! Fantastic!!

Jules :Oyaaaayyyy!


The Grunt said...

How many men were following you gals around like lost puppy dogs over there? You all look too cute, having good times.

SIMON said...

Yeah exactly, hot and cute... on reflection!!
No actually that's wrong - it was you that were doing the stalking. Nice one!!