Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Bollywood Birthday Weekend in Toronto Part 1

So June 24th took me to Toronto, Canada where I was about to embark on the weekend of my life with my sister and Filmi Girl. It was wonderful to get to meet another person from the blogging community, especially one who shared as much if not more passion for Indian Film as Shellie and I do. Here's me while waiting for Filmi's flight to come at Toronto International Airport.

The three of us all hit it off immediately and the chatter never stopped. It was a really great weekend in the making right from the hugs off the plane. Here's us being Bond Girls in the hotel room.
We met up with another blogger, Beth and another friend Irena for some delicious Indian food at "Aroma". They were great there and the food was yummy. A few hours later and we were ready to go out to the Vivek Oberoi/Shahrukh Khan Meet & Greet pre-awards party at the Sheraton. It was a night that promised adventure, awesome filmi music, the VIP passes which awarded us a meet and greet with Vivek, drinks and a room full of beautiful people. But first we had to get through numerous line-ups and into the event itself. So here's us on the way to the Sheraton.

Once we got in and through the first two lines, there was this opportunity to do the red carpet pic. There was this really funny drunk guy there throwing compliments at the people getting their pics taken, solely in an effort to get his turn faster.. "You're beautiful! Challu, challu!" (sorry for spelling that wrong, I'm sure I did). Let's go was right. I just wanted to get my photo and get into the party room where there was already thumping music throwing vibrations through the floor up my feet and rockin my body. I could not stand still and I could not wipe the smile off my face all night. So here's us on the red carpet thing...

And here's us after a drink or two. All I had all night was four of those little plastic glasses of white wine, but I swear, the energy in the hotel made me high as a kite already. It felt as if I'd had 2 bottles of wine by the time the night was over.

My feet started moving and they never stopped. Not for a moment. I couldn't stand still. Filmi music sooo loud that it almost made your heart beat for you. The rhythms took over and I found myself doing bhangara moves and bolly moves. The 3 of us "white chicks" attracted a lot of attention (we only saw 2 other white people there all night). It seemed like before we knew it, we were mini-celebs, with everyone wanting to dance with us, talk to us, party with us. I lost track of how many people I danced with, men and women alike. It was totally amazing to be immersed in such enthusiasm and excitement, and to be accepted by the beautiful people who come from this culture. Regardless of their origin, one thing was common among us all... we all love Indian film and music. Here's Shell gettin' down with some of the first girls to want to dance with us near the beginning of the night. We closed down the club and these girls were there right to the end with us. One of them had a husband we nicknamed "the photo guy" cuz he was going snap crazy. Hope the pics of me are at least flattering, wherever they end up! LOL

Then it was time for the meet and greet with Vivek! Woohoo! I loved hugging him and when I said I loved him, he complimented my hair "I love how you've done your hair!" and then I asked him if he'd sign my purse. But without a pen, he could have easily turned me away and not obliged, but he motioned for the nearest cop to pass him a pen so he could do that for me. A thank you and another hug, I asked for a kiss, so we planted one on each other's cheeks and I was hastily escorted off stage. Shell was right after me and then Filmi Girl got her turn. Sooo cool!! Thanks to Projected Life Photography for taking the photos!

My autographed purse! *sigh*

And after a couple of hours of dancing, and drying off and dancing and drinking, talking with people, laughing and dancing some more, finally it was time for Shahrukh Khan to take the stage. I thought the music was deafening?! NOT nearly as loud as the screams and cries of the crowd. I was totally unable to see him, so I joked with the tallest man I could find and said "lift me up so I can see???" and to my MAJOR surprise he did! He was a big guy, I got to see Shah.. I was happy!! He didn't keep me there for too long. I felt bad. So I stood for most of Shah's time there, but then near the end he swooped me up again and let me see him sing a song above the crowd. What a nice thing to do, I thought. My sister confiscated my camera, and ended up taking videos, which wasted my memory and batteries, but I was thankful for that. I managed to get the following 10 semi-clear-ish shots from the videos she took. Thanks Shell! It was difficult to rise above the crowd, zoom in and stay steady enough even on the highest ISO speed to get good pics with my dinky camera. So these are the best we got.

Mmm. He's sooo dreamy. I don't care if people thought he looked tired. I thought it was great of him to come to that event, as late as he did and entertain us all for over an hour despite a broken knee cap and it being passed midnight. This night didn't end until 2:3oam, and even after that us 3 girls hung around the lobby for a while, and then the parking lot. Eventually we stumbled home at 3:15am for a much needed sleep. I think had this been the only thing we went there for, I'd have been a completely happy and satisfied woman. Thank you to my sis for getting both the IIFA tickets and VIP passes to this totally amazing party event! What an AWESOME birthday gift!!

I'll post more tomorrow. For now, scroll back up and hit Shell's Bollyworld and Filmi Girl's blogs for more pics and their take on the evening's events.



SIMON said...

WOW!! Did you have a good time or what?!! Can't wait for more tales!!

Tys on Ice said...

way too cool..i think the only reason you are swooning over these guys is becoz u havent seen me yet..

Shell said...

What a lovely wonderful exhilerating dream it all was. I will never forget it as long as I live! SHAH RUKH KHAN FOREVER!!!!!