Thursday, June 09, 2011

Song Remakes

It seems like lately new musicians have run out of original songs to produce, so they're just making remixes of songs from the late 70's and 80's. There have been so many lately. Here's a prime example. Which one do you like better?

Ghetto Love by Karl Wolf (2011)
Glory of Love by Chicago (1986)
You can do a quick YouTube search for those two..

I've always been a Chicago fan, but actually Ghetto Love is growing on me too. I guess it just depends on what type of mood I'm in. Actually, Glory of Love is always like.. THE song I've wanted a guy to dedicate to me, ever since it came out and I was a kid. What could be better than a man fighting for my honor and being the hero of my dreams... living together forever and actually declaring it to me in a song? I mean, come on! **dreamy sigh**

Other remakes have been Heart's "Alone" which was remade by Alissa Reid and titled "Alone Again". I immediately liked the remake of this one, though I still like the Heart version too.

Now here's a TRAGIC remix.. AO - Old Man. The original Old Man by Neil Young is immeasurably better in my opinion. Some things just shouldn't be messed with.

There have been so many lately, I can't even think of them all.

So what's your favorite remake these days? I'm dying to know!

Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

I'm not always a huge fan of remakes, but there have been plenty of good and bad remakes/covers of Bob Dylan's work. My favorite remake/cover would be from my childhood, originally sung by B.J. Thomas and redid by Blue Swede, "Hooked on a Feeling".

SIMON said...

Well, right down the line Chicago, Heart and (of course) Neil Young!!
Not a fan at all of remakes, truth to tell however just recently was a really good remake by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss of Fortune Teler originally done many moons ago by the Rolling Stones. However my normal reaction to remakes is purely to cringe!!

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Shell said...

I'm torn when it comes to remakes. I heard one recently that was a Michael Jackson ripoff of Human Nature by Chris Brown I think, that pretty much copied the entire song. No originality at all. I can understand if you want to sample a song... I really like the Rhianna's Don't Stop the Music (which is also a michael jackson sampler - just goes to show how incredible his music was), but a whole song, including the melody?! Come on. I'm not a fan of Alissa Reid's song (shhh, don't tell my friend Krystal, who is her aunt - do you have any idea how much that song was pushed down our throats when it was released?).

What about Duran Duran's Relax. I KNOW you like that one.

Anyway, I didn't listen to the Chicago remake prior to posting this, but I loved Chicago. Some things should be left alone.

Done my rant.