Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Window to the soul...

So tonight I wanted to pretty myself up and take some photos. My confidence has been a little bit down lately.. probably just cuz I'm feeling *alone*. I liked what I saw in the camera tonight though. Liked it enough to show you.

Sooo.. are my eyes green?

Or are they brown?

Neither. Hazel.. they sometimes look green and sometimes look brown. I think I prefer them when they're green. I totally love the designs in my irises, whatever the color.

What do you think... what do my eyes say to you?

Jules :O)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My son woke me up last night just an hour after I went to sleep at 12:35 and screamed "I need some milk!!" until I heard him and went and got him a shot of it. Then he stayed awake for 45 minutes in his room playing. I went in there 3 times to tell him to get back to sleep and pointed out that it was the middle of the night. Exhausted, I stammered back to my room and crashed hard after 1:20 until the effity-effing thunderstorm woke me up. I shot up in bed hearing myself say "Ok, OK ALREADY, I'll go do it!!!" and wandered half naked and mostly still asleep to unplug my computer and set my alarm on my phone in case the power went out. I'm guessing that all took me about 10 minutes from start to finish, and then the thunder kept me awake for another 20.

What a horribly disturbed sleep, and I was so out of it today to show for it. Good thing I was left with a dream about well.. sucking on things that I find fun to suck on.. when I woke up or I'd have been really angry today.

Jules :Ough!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Days 5 & 6, Back to Montana

The next day of the trip was mostly travel. We went for a bike ride in the morning then headed back to camp to pack up and begin the journey back to Montana to Flathead Lake. It had rained all night and the flora was all covered in little silvery droplets, making everything seem as though it was diamond encrusted.

The sunset on the way home was really beautiful, blanketing everything in a warm pink glow. We pulled over to take a few photos about 40 minutes away from the cabin.

After arriving at the lake we had some nice visits with friends there and then cooked supper, but didn't end up eating until midnight. LOL The next day we had a very relaxed and laid back day. We sailed some but the wind wasn't quite strong enough for the full experience, visited some more with the neighbors, Thor played his new mandolin for his friend Wally and the day passed without a hitch. We took one of the boats over to Wildhorse Island in the evening. Here's the view from the boat as we pulled into a private bay.

It always helps to have something in common with your partner. We both like to take photos, as seen here.. contrary to what you might think, I don't always have to be the center of attention in mine.. only like 30% of the time. LOL

We walked around the bay a little bit and enjoyed just being in the calm peacefulness. These twin trees were captivating and we both spent lots of time trying to catch the sunlight just right on them. I think Thor's turned out better than mine.

We ended our time on Wildhorse with a little picnic. It was one of those moments in time you wish you could hit the pause button on.

Sleep was welcomed that night, as it was a long but blissful day. We had to wake up early to go out camping again for our final two days together. More on that next time.

Jules :Oj

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Liquid Arousal - Rated R, proceed with caution

Not sure what possessed me to write this.. I guess I needed a tiny break from the holiday pics and well, this was the most exciting part of my day today.

The warmth of the liquid surrounded me, wrapping me in a soothing all over blanket of delight. Hardly any bubbles left, the thin silvery layer danced upon the surface, moving with each breath I took, as if the air in my lungs was in direct contact with the little clusters of tiny bubbles. Very few were in small patches. Mostly, the bubbles would seek each other out and become a large group. As I drew a breath, they would float together towards my bosoms, which were also bobbing about in the water. Then contact was made, and I couldn't help but watch as the bubbles caressed the sensitive skin. I'd breathe, they'd glide gently around and around until gradually they would all disappear, having had their fun. They sent me to a place of imagination, where they were the hands and lips of my lover, exploring, savoring each little curve. I moved my hand out of the water and a few drops landed on top. As the droplet built up in size and my breasts heaved with more intensity, it trickled down over the side and back into the water, literally giving me goosebumps even inside a hot bath. I pressed the invisible "replay" button and stayed in trickle down mode for a while.

I didn't ever realize how arousing water could be.

Jules :Odrip)

Let's go camping.. Day 4

This morning we woke up and packed up the camper and headed off to Farragut State Park in Idaho. What a gorgeous campground. We camped for the day/night in Whitetail Campground. There are 4 separate campgrounds there. You have to call weeks or more in advance to reserve a spot. Thor was lucky to have the best spot in the campground, as far as I'm concerned.

Check out the immaculately clean and groomed campsite we had. We moved right in and made it home. The tarp came in handy as it rained all evening and through the night. Thankfully we were warm and cozy in the camper. Thank you, Thor, for letting me put this photo of yours on. I took some but none were as nice as this one of yours.

After setting up camp, we went for a walk to see how far the hike was to the shoreline where we could launch the kayaks. We'd planned on just walking them down there, as it didn't seem too far. Along the way down there, we met this little old overgrown fireplace. It was double sided, and would have been a really stunning setting for a gathering at one point.

At the water's edge I was greeted with a welcome sign from home. An Alberta Rose. How nice of it to travel down to Idaho just to make me feel welcome. :)

We got the kayaks off the top of the camper and began the hike down to Lake Pend Oreille. We decided to take them both and it nearly killed my shoulders and forearms, but I trudged on. Good thing Thor's in such great shape to pick up my slack. To do the last little 5 minutes of the trail, it was too narrow to do both at the same time. Here's a shot I took while I had a free hand.

The lake was amazing! How the mountains and lake join without much of an interruption at all.. no highway there to make a division of the natural shoreline... very tranquil and serene. There was hardly any traffic on the water. I love kayaking and I especially love doing it with Thor. He's great company and he really enjoys watching me on the water. It makes me feel good on so many levels.

Here's a snapshot Thor took of me mid paddle with the mountains and the dock in the background. Great shot, Baby! Thank you for letting me post that!

I wouldn't be me if I didn't take a photo of rocks and moss, now would I? I wanted so badly to adopt this one.. but it was way too big to even budge. I did come home with a few rocks this trip, but they all fit in the palm of my hand.

Jules :OD

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 3 - Exploring Washington

"Queenie, this bike is for you. A person needs a bike and a bike needs a person. You two are perfect for each other."

Thank you so much Thor! I love my classic 1976 Schwinn and I love how riding her doesn't hurt me at all. Did I just admit to riding "her"? LOL I nicknamed my new bike "Breezy" and we've been a pretty happy duo.

I'll call this post "From Bikes to Beaches" because we started the day with one and ended with the other. In the morning we woke up and went for a visit to Thor's work where I met all the people who work there. I really enjoyed seeing the place he works in and the dynamic people he spends his days with. From there we went out for a nice bike ride along the Spokane River. Here's a pic of our bikes kissing.

Our destination was this little park which featured a waterfall and a pond with turtles. The ride was awesome. It was hot when we stopped, so we just kept going. It was the first time we'd ridden bikes together, and one of the things Thor really wanted to do with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Enough to actually keep Breezy and bring her back home. This location was really a great little retreat in the busy city. I would go here often if I lived there.

It seemed fitting to take out shoes off and let the mist bathe and refresh us while we took a breather before heading back.

I think there were half a dozen turtles sunning on a different rock, but this little one wanted some alone time, I guess. I thought it was cool.. it was just sitting there staring at the rest. I wonder what it was thinking.

Before heading back, we stopped at a spot right along the river where Thor used to spend alot of time. It was really beautiful. Once we got home we cleaned ourselved up a bit then headed out for a late lunch at this fantastic restaurant serving Greek food. It was the most garlicky food I've ever eaten, but it was so so good! It was our anniversary meal.. Happy 1 year Anniversary, Thor! :*
After lunch we went to Coeur D'Alene's tourist attraction.. the beach and boardwalk on Lake Couer D'Alene. We strolled along, enjoying the people and the sights. The boardwalk is a floating one and so when you want out onto it, you feel the movement of the water. I liked that. Here's a pic of part of the boardwalk and marina.

We stayed for about an hour and then decided to go visit Thor's sister for a while. After that, we visited some good friends of his, then went home for supper and to enjoy a very relaxing hot tub to end our day of bikes and beaches.

Jules :O)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacay Day 2 - Montana to Washington

I got to sleep in this day until 10am! I couldn't believe my little family let me do that, but it was much needed. After breakfast and organizing myself, the 3 of us went for a sail on the Hobie Cat. The wind wasn't too strong, so it was a relaxed smooth sail. We dropped mom off at the dock, warmed up a bit and then Thor and I headed back out. The sky was so blue and the sun felt gorgeous on the skin.. but one of the best parts of the whole morning was seeing Thor's happy eyes and sincere smile.

After lunch we packed things up and by about 3pm we were on our way to Washington. About 40 minutes away from Flathead Lake (I think) is a pretty valley. I think Thor called it Paradise Valley. It was totally worthwhile stopping to take some photos there, though apparently there are rattlesnakes there that can snap at you if you're not watching where you're stepping.

The mountains along the way through Idaho and into Washington were really unique, I thought. They were furry and fuzzy filled with pine, fir, spruce, tamarack and a myriad of other greenery. There weren't many wildflowers in bloom, but it didn't matter, the colors were still a feast for the eyes.

Cascade Campground along the way was a stop that Thor wanted to make, just so I could see this very pretty waterfall. The only drawback was the mosquitoes there, but we still managed to stay long enough to snap a few nice pics and stretch our legs. The drive on I90 is so curvy and twisted that you really need to stop for a break now and then to release a bit of tension.

When nature does things like making a dynamic duo like these two beauties, it's a crying shame not to appreciate them, though I can't recall whether they are cedars or junipers. Imagine them.. such a happy couple, and they get to stand there and stay together in the thick of the forest for eternity. Now that's how it should be!

These flowers grew on great big bushes and I have no idea what they are, but the smell of them I won't soon forget. They were sweet and powerful enough to overtake the evergreen scents when you happened to walk in the vicinity of one. Despite the skeeters, I stopped for the macro shot.

We arrived in Washington around 9:30 and made one pit stop before heading home for supper and cuddles while watching the Tour de France.

Jules :O)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation to USA Day 1

Well, I've kept you waiting long enough. This will begin my US trip journal for the next few entries. I've been distracted because of several reasons. 1) I miss Thor. 2) My mom's offered to build a garage in my back yard (but it's for the purpose of storing my deceased step-dad's truck) so that's taken up alot of time. 3) Busy visiting friends/family and spending lots of outside time with my son. So, apologies for not starting the photo posts sooner, but here we go.

Day 1
I woke up and left early. Was on the road by 9:30. I was expecting the ride to take 7.5 hours, but due to a few factors, it took longer. The first of which was the tremendous wind. I even had to drive through a "dust devil" which was eating up a farmer's field and then enveloped my car and the truck beside me as it crossed the highway. The wind pretty much stuck with me for 2/3 of the drive.

Another reason it was a long drive was due to the pack of cyclists who were riding along the road to East Glacier. It's a very twisty-turny road and there are lots of pull outs where slow traffic can pull off the road and let more speedy vehicles go by, but for some reason the cyclists decided not to do that. So literally driving 10kms/h for about 40 minutes led me to go a bit loopy in the car. I turned up the music and car danced. I could see the people in front of and behind me laughing at me, but I really didn't care. I snapped this photo. The cars were at least 20 deep in front of me, and there were some behind me too. The third reason was a 45 minute delay at the border. It was so busy.

But then I arrived at the top of Flathead Lake, Montana and suddenly it erased all the 9+ hours that it took to get there. When you see the mountains there in full across the other side of the lake, and you see people such as the ones below enjoying water activities and having fun, and when you step out of the car and smell the fresh mountain air, all there is is the moment you're in right then. I stopped at the community called Lakeside and snapped this photo.

Then I finally arrived at Thor's cabin and the moment I saw him walking up the hill, I knew it was all worth it. That first night we visited with some neighbors, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and enjoyed a family supper before heading out for an evening canoe ride. Here's the pic looking back towards Chief Cliff as the sun set.

After the canoe ride I was feeling quite happy and content. I laid on the bed and smile as we added a layer of warmer clothes, the plan being to go make a fire at the lakefront and watch the moon.

The moon was brilliant the first night. We kept oogling at how it reflected off the water close to the shore. Here's one of the docks with the glistening scene. It was very tranquil and a wonderful way to start winding down the night.

Even the fire was happy. Look at how the sparks formed a lady dancing in the breeze with her hair flying behind her.....

.... as the man watched her and reached for the bottle of wine, waiting for her to be done dancing so he could whisk her away up to bed for the night.

Day 1 was wonderful. I just wanted to stay in many of those moments forever and pause time. Day 2 will come soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

Jules :O)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Could there be any air fresher than that which you breathe in the mountains? Could there be any sky bluer? Could there be any water cleaner, crisper and more refreshing? Could you be any closer to the sun than on the top of a mountain?

... I don't think so.

I'm really appreciative of the opportunities I get to do in life and those whom I get to share them with.

Jules :Oj

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

just a little love

All of a sudden 5.5 years have past. I don't know where they've gone, but it's been a giant rollercoaster. Ups and downs.. learning experiences, teaching experiences galore. Of course, I'm talking about my son and the fact that he's now growing up so much. Major events lately have been his graduation from Kindergarten. His ability to sit and read me a whole book cover to cover with very little help. His first trip to the dentist where he passed with flying colors and is now a proud member of the "No Cavity Club".

Now he's gone to the cabin in Sask with his dad. I'm having a wonderful time here too, but I miss him. Sadly, he's not missing me, I'm sure. He's boating, swimming, golfing, staying up late to watch fireworks, running around with water guns and whatnots, eating whatever he wants, whenever he wants.. it's like a 9 day party.

I can't have any more children. And you know what? I'm okay with that, because my boy really is my miracle. He's so smart and beautiful. Shout out to you, Nate. You Rock.

Jules :O)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Layers of beauty...

I know you expected to see a photo of me dressed in layers, going by the title, I don't blame you. And that would have been almost as lovely of a post, but I'll share this with you instead.

It's one of my beautiful stunning iris's in my front garden this year. This amazing plant has never bloomed until this year and I've been blessed with several blossoms from it. There's another in my garden closer to my house that's a deep burgundy color and it's blossom is larger than my hand spread all out. How glorious! Don't you just want to follow the little path into the middle and lay in it's soft little bed of pollen? Layers and layer of fabulous bliss. No wonder "Monica" referred to her kitty as her "flower". They do bare a resemblance, though I thought that was the corniest thing ever when I heard her say that on Friends.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I'm so hot!

Been out in the sun an awful lot lately. I already have a tan like I normally do by the middle or even end of summer and it's really only just begun. I've been wearing 30 - 45 SPF sunscreen, but the sun just seems to eat right through that. It is a hotter sun? Is there just that much damage to the ozone layer that it doesn't protect us anymore? My sister just bought 60 SPF sunscreen. We didn't even know they made it that high. When I was a kid, Hawiian Tropic made a sunscreen with SPF of 4 and I think 20 was the highest you could get back then. LOL

I'm going on holidays to the mountains soon. I'm sure I'll be outside hiking, kayaking, or just hanging out lots, as that's what I love to do when I go there. But you know, no matter how dark I get, I still can never achieve that beautiful skin tone that I love so much on Asian/South Asian/European people. I still look fair, even with a tan. I think I was born on the wrong side of the planet this time around. Will have to rectify that next time.

It's okay to miss me while I'm gone.

Jules :O*

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Milestone.. of the unwanted kind.


Really I'm speechless and I've never felt so old in all my life.

I had a bath today and there it was. Bright, disgusting, long and horrifying. I couldn't believe it, really... the fact that it was there shocked me so badly that I thought I'd faint right then and there. Fainting in a bath probably isn't a good idea. So I pulled myself together, gave it a tug and then examined it. It was about the length of my thumb.. so not only did it scare me due to the color and texture, but also the length... I mean, I trim, for pete's sake.

Ya. You guessed it.

My. First. White. Pubic. Hair.

Oh you can bet I'll be watching and yanking any that I see from now on. How it escaped the trimmers before is beyond me. I'd better pay closer attention.

God almighty. I'm old.

Jules :Owaaaa!