Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 3 - Exploring Washington

"Queenie, this bike is for you. A person needs a bike and a bike needs a person. You two are perfect for each other."

Thank you so much Thor! I love my classic 1976 Schwinn and I love how riding her doesn't hurt me at all. Did I just admit to riding "her"? LOL I nicknamed my new bike "Breezy" and we've been a pretty happy duo.

I'll call this post "From Bikes to Beaches" because we started the day with one and ended with the other. In the morning we woke up and went for a visit to Thor's work where I met all the people who work there. I really enjoyed seeing the place he works in and the dynamic people he spends his days with. From there we went out for a nice bike ride along the Spokane River. Here's a pic of our bikes kissing.

Our destination was this little park which featured a waterfall and a pond with turtles. The ride was awesome. It was hot when we stopped, so we just kept going. It was the first time we'd ridden bikes together, and one of the things Thor really wanted to do with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Enough to actually keep Breezy and bring her back home. This location was really a great little retreat in the busy city. I would go here often if I lived there.

It seemed fitting to take out shoes off and let the mist bathe and refresh us while we took a breather before heading back.

I think there were half a dozen turtles sunning on a different rock, but this little one wanted some alone time, I guess. I thought it was cool.. it was just sitting there staring at the rest. I wonder what it was thinking.

Before heading back, we stopped at a spot right along the river where Thor used to spend alot of time. It was really beautiful. Once we got home we cleaned ourselved up a bit then headed out for a late lunch at this fantastic restaurant serving Greek food. It was the most garlicky food I've ever eaten, but it was so so good! It was our anniversary meal.. Happy 1 year Anniversary, Thor! :*
After lunch we went to Coeur D'Alene's tourist attraction.. the beach and boardwalk on Lake Couer D'Alene. We strolled along, enjoying the people and the sights. The boardwalk is a floating one and so when you want out onto it, you feel the movement of the water. I liked that. Here's a pic of part of the boardwalk and marina.

We stayed for about an hour and then decided to go visit Thor's sister for a while. After that, we visited some good friends of his, then went home for supper and to enjoy a very relaxing hot tub to end our day of bikes and beaches.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

The turtle was thinking, there's a very happy couple on bikes I wonder if it's their anni round about now!!!

Jules said...

LOL! Nice one!