Sunday, July 24, 2011

Days 5 & 6, Back to Montana

The next day of the trip was mostly travel. We went for a bike ride in the morning then headed back to camp to pack up and begin the journey back to Montana to Flathead Lake. It had rained all night and the flora was all covered in little silvery droplets, making everything seem as though it was diamond encrusted.

The sunset on the way home was really beautiful, blanketing everything in a warm pink glow. We pulled over to take a few photos about 40 minutes away from the cabin.

After arriving at the lake we had some nice visits with friends there and then cooked supper, but didn't end up eating until midnight. LOL The next day we had a very relaxed and laid back day. We sailed some but the wind wasn't quite strong enough for the full experience, visited some more with the neighbors, Thor played his new mandolin for his friend Wally and the day passed without a hitch. We took one of the boats over to Wildhorse Island in the evening. Here's the view from the boat as we pulled into a private bay.

It always helps to have something in common with your partner. We both like to take photos, as seen here.. contrary to what you might think, I don't always have to be the center of attention in mine.. only like 30% of the time. LOL

We walked around the bay a little bit and enjoyed just being in the calm peacefulness. These twin trees were captivating and we both spent lots of time trying to catch the sunlight just right on them. I think Thor's turned out better than mine.

We ended our time on Wildhorse with a little picnic. It was one of those moments in time you wish you could hit the pause button on.

Sleep was welcomed that night, as it was a long but blissful day. We had to wake up early to go out camping again for our final two days together. More on that next time.

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

Some fantastic pictures, yes including the 'must have' self pic!! Nature so well captured - methinks you had a great time!!

Jules said...

I totally had a great time. Still have to more days left to report. :)