Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I'm so hot!

Been out in the sun an awful lot lately. I already have a tan like I normally do by the middle or even end of summer and it's really only just begun. I've been wearing 30 - 45 SPF sunscreen, but the sun just seems to eat right through that. It is a hotter sun? Is there just that much damage to the ozone layer that it doesn't protect us anymore? My sister just bought 60 SPF sunscreen. We didn't even know they made it that high. When I was a kid, Hawiian Tropic made a sunscreen with SPF of 4 and I think 20 was the highest you could get back then. LOL

I'm going on holidays to the mountains soon. I'm sure I'll be outside hiking, kayaking, or just hanging out lots, as that's what I love to do when I go there. But you know, no matter how dark I get, I still can never achieve that beautiful skin tone that I love so much on Asian/South Asian/European people. I still look fair, even with a tan. I think I was born on the wrong side of the planet this time around. Will have to rectify that next time.

It's okay to miss me while I'm gone.

Jules :O*


The Grunt said...

It gets hot in Canada?

SIMON said...

Roll on next time!! LOL!! You look good with a North American tan though!!

Tys on Ice said...

its hot in canada?..

do u really think theres a global warming going on?..its roasting here..45 to 47 degree ... and its not yet august...

Jules said...

Grunty - a few months of the year.. well, what I would call hot anyway.. lol

Si - Hahaha! Thanks!

Tys - There must be, yes. Seriously, I get burned if I step outside on a hot day for like 20 minutes now. I CAN NOT imagine living in 45 - 47degree heat. How are you not all just ashes over there?! Holy eff.